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How To Measure Curtain Rods? 4 Easy Steps To Measure Rods

Curtain rods are necessary for correctly hanging curtains and are one of the most useful and efficient curtain accessories for enhancing the appearance of your curtains. You’ll need to consider window size and stylistic choices, such as how far you want the rods and curtains to reach while measuring for curtain rods and determining curtain rod size.

How to measure curtain rods? Finding the perfect window treatment can be difficult, but putting those window treatments in place can be even more difficult. Curtain rods are at the top of the list of most important curtain accessories. Choosing, repairing, and installing this curtain hardware can be a challenge. To execute it perfectly, you’ll need a professional eye. You can get exceptional services from, to get your curtain rods properly measured & further installed.

If done incorrectly, it will enhance the overall appearance of your curtains in Dubai. So, if you want a great look for your windows, you’ll need to know how to measure curtain rods. We’ll go through how to choose the best rods for windows in this article. Don’t worry if this appears to be a difficult task. We’re here to assist you. You’ll obtain the knowledge to identify what curtain rod size you need by following our detailed curtain rod lengths guide.

Easy & Effective Steps To Measure Curtain Rods Dubai

Measure Curtain Rods

Measuring a curtain rod can be tricky, as you will need to take into account the thickness of your curtains. Too thin and they may not fit over the rod, too thick and they may look odd when hung. It is worth measuring first before buying a new curtain rod.

Thinking of curtain rods for your home? We’ll guide you through the process of measuring, choosing, and installing them. Curtain rods come in different sizes. They can be long, short or medium and according to your convenience, you can choose any one of them. Let’s check out how to measure curtain rods.

Step 1: Consider Measuring Your Window First

Measuring Your Window First

If you are looking for a long curtain rod, then there are certain things that you need to consider before buying it. The first thing to measure is your window. When it comes to measuring your windows, you have two alternatives. You can measure your window from casing to casing or frame to frame. It entirely depends on how far you want your rods to reach.

Regardless of the method you use, be consistent & install a curtain rod with proper alignment so your curtains don’t appear unequal throughout your space.

If you don’t know how to measure curtain rods then we can help. We recommend using a steel tape measure, For greater precision. To be as precise as possible, enter your measurements to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. Make sure to double-check your measurements before you choose.

Step 2: Estimate The Length Of Curtain Rod

Estimate The Length Of Curtain Rod

The length of the curtain rod is entirely up to you. You have to choose whether you wanted perfect-fit curtain rod is the same as the width of your window or a bit longer than that.

To establish the best curtain rod length, we recommend using one of these two formulas, one is that you must consider adding 20% to your previous measurements for curtain rods & the other is you add 6 inches to both sides of your window casing or frame.

When your curtains are open like a stack back, you can guarantee that they don’t envelop the entire window by adding 20% or six inches on either side. Allow about a third of your window to be covered by your stack back.

Step 3: Mark The Measurement To Your Wall

Mark The Measurement of Curtain Rods To Your Wall

It is a good idea to mark the measurement on the wall to ensure the precise installation of your curtain rods. This can help you with proper alignment and minimize the chances of any error.

Take a pencil and create a little mark on the wall where you want the curtain rod to go. Use a level if you have one handy. It’s well worth the extra effort to ensure that your curtains are hung as precisely as possible. These estimations can make the process easy and effective. Make it sure to add proper measurements.

Step 4: Opt For The Right Rod

Opt For The Right Curtain Rods

Now it’s time to How To Measure Curtain Rods. After you have done taking all the measurements, what you need to get is the perfect rod up to your measurements that also perfectly holds your curtains. For choosing the right curtain rod you must consider the type of curtains, style, fabric & length of your curtains. This can help you in choosing the right material for your curtains.

As curtain rods are available in a multitude of materials, you can easily choose the one up to your requirements and get it altered to your precise measurements, if it is not according to that.

Point To Consider!

To measure curtain rod you need to be very much careful with the calculations. The best way to go is to keep your curtain rod a bit wider than the actual size of the windows. This can help you to hang your curtains properly. Make sure to mark the right measurement and install it accordingly. Get the durable brackets to fix it properly and add finials to lock the rods ensuring that your curtains will not move out of it.

In The End!

All the steps are easy and effective to do, it requires proper attention & professional skills to measure curtain rods properly. We have mentioned the proper steps to measure curtain rods properly. On the off chance, if you find any difficulty, you can get professional help from

. If you find this guide informative let us know in the comment section & do let us know if you have any other queries related to this!

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