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If you want to give an instant glamorous look to your home interior then our Venetian Blinds Dubai is the ideal window treatment. They instantly boost up the whole scenario of your surroundings and give an everlasting charming look. These blinds become the foremost choice among homeowners because of their elegant and royal looks.

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If you want to renovate the look of your homes and office windows then these blinds will definitely revive the look of your room. Our Venetian window blinds come at an incredibly low price range and perfectly blend with the theme of your existing decor.Β 

These blinds are durable, affordable, and motorized blinds options for windows as well doors. These blinds provide you with high-end privacy while controlling the disturbance of light. Our classic range of Venetian Blinds Dubai enhances the overall look of your windows. Our blinds not only look beautiful but also creates a calming yet glamorous look to your place. Scroll down to see the latest collection of our Venetian window blinds and choose the best.

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Venetian Blinds Dubai
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Manufacturing Details Of Venetian Sahde

Our Venetian window blinds are manufactured using the finest quality materials. The material we used during the manufacturing of these blinds is aluminum, wood, and metal as well. These blinds are manufactured using the latest technology. They are made of horizontal slats along with different widths like 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm. But mostly 25mm width is preferred. Apart from this, our Venetian blinds Dubai slats are crafts using unique colors and designs. The slats may be of wooden, metal, or aluminum; they give a glossy finish look to your place. These salts help to control the light and provide you with high-end privacy as well. The good thing is that our Venetian window blinds come in matt colors and are designed to provide a flawless look to your windows. You can choose these blinds according to your window parameters, as the slats of these blinds are available in different sizes.

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Technical Parameters Of Venetian Shutter in UAE

Take a look at the technical specification of Venetian window blinds. These blinds work like VC20 and cover wider areas up to 3.5 sqm. The side spacers are available on the projection of both sides for the light controlling purpose. They have a 27mm spacer bar and can title and lift the blinds. As we have mentioned Venetian Blinds Dubai are made of slats so the minimum width of slats is 12.5mm and the maximum width is 16.0mm. The thickness is 0.20mm or you can choose according to your requirements. These slats can raise 1.0mm to 1.2mm. The overlap gap between each slat is 2mm to 4mm. The button and headrail of these blinds have different heights and widths. The height is about 18.5mm with a 41mm width. Our Venetian window blinds come with a cord diameter so the diameter of each cord is 1mm with the dimension of the spacer is 20x6.5mm.

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Working Mechanism Of Venetian Blinds in Sharjah

Our Venetian window blinds work on blinds slat mechanisms. Using an unaggressive wand the slats of Venetian window blinds are manufactured which can be lowered or raised by the cord. This means that, if you need a completely dark room and want no light to enter your room you just simply lower the slats. And if you enjoy the natural light and want to let in the much possible light then simply raise the slat of Venetian Blinds Dubai.Β 

These blinds are perfect to keep your room cool on a hot summer night, and they also provide you with heat insulation. The curved nature of these blinds slats gives an appealing look to your place and provides blinds high-end privacy. We present Venetian window blinds in distinctive colors, ranges, and patterns. The wooden tone of these blinds gives a stylish yet natural feel to your home and grey or bright colors pop up your space.Β 

Distinctive Types Of Blinds of Venetian

We at present the best window dresser which gives the perfect look to your place. They will assuredly update your outdated interior and make your dull space a perfect look. Because of their distinctive types and textures, our Venetian window blinds provide a ravishing look to your place. Let's jump to look at the different types of Venetian blinds in Dubai;

Perfect Fit Venetian Window Blinds

Perfect fit Venetian window blinds come with an aluminum frame and perfectly fit your windows. There’s no drill, no wire, and no screws are required to fit these blinds. The rubber padding is variable underneath the window frame, you just simply clip them directly and the installation of Venetian window blinds is done. Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds are a great way to fit your blinds at an extremely low price range. These blinds come in a versatile range of colors and compliment your home interior. This is a hassle-free and cost-effective installation of blinds within the blink of an eye.

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Near Fit Venetain Blinds

Venetian Neat Fit Blinds

This type of Venetian blind is manufactured using aluminum or glass. These are the other stylish options when you are deciding to choose the blinds. Our neat fit Venetian window blinds also work as the perfect fit, these blinds also clip directly to the windows. For the installation of these blinds, you don't require any tools, wires, and other accessories. Our neat fit Venetian blinds Dubai have the footer and header rail; they don't have any framework. Simply clip the blinds under the glass and the installation is done. They provide a sturdy look to your windows and are very popular for patio doors.

Venetian Wood Blinds

Wood Venetian window blinds are made from natural wood materials like faux wood, and natural wood. These blinds provide a subtle blend look to your place and create a dramatic look. These blinds are highly durable and can withstand harsh weather. They provide you with complete control over the light along with maintaining privacy. Our wood Venetian blinds give a natural wood look and provide a sophisticated style look to your place. These blinds are easy to install and maintain, and the good thing is that wooden Venetian window blinds become cost-effective window treatments.

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Styro Wood Venetain Blinds

Venetian Styro-wood Blinds

These venetian blinds Dubai are manufactured using the polystyrene resin base. Styro woods are available with 50mm slats. And these blinds are ideal for kitchen and bathrooms because of their moisture-resistant properties. Our styro-wood blinds never fade even if you can install these blinds in harsh sunlight or dampen areas. They are easy to clean, easy to pull up, or come with lightweight materials. These blinds provide a natural aesthetic appeal of wood because of their durability with PVC. The good thing is that styro-wood blinds also protect against UV rays which may damage your furniture.

Venetian Bamboo Blinds

This type of Venetian window blind is manufactured from natural bamboo plant fibers. This is the reason bamboo Venetian window blinds last long and is eco-friendly. These blinds come with a minimum width of 270mm and maximum width of 2430mm. The height of bamboo Venetian blinds in Abu Dhabi is 400mm to 4000mm. These blinds become the classic window treatments and provide an everlasting finishing look to your place. Bamboo Venetian window blinds are easy to clean, easy to install and give a subtle look to your place. If you want to create a stylish yet natural look for your place then we suggest buying this type of blind.

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Alumonium Venetain Blinds

Venetian Aluminium Blinds

Aluminum Venetian window blinds are also known as horizontal blinds. These blinds are designed to give a fashionable look to your place without breaking your bank. You can install these blinds in your bathroom or kitchen windows. Our aluminum Venetian blinds Dubai consist of slats and they also provide full control over light. These blinds are available with different slats range including 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm. These blinds are extremely durable, robust, moisture-resistant, and easy to clean. They uplift the whole scenario of your home and come with glossy yet matt and metallic colors.

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Adorable Features Of Venetian Blinds Dubai

Windows dresses are the beauty booster of any place, so any type of window dressing gives traditional benefits. Here we present the adorable features of Venetian window blinds which perk up the whole scenarios of your surroundings. Let’s jump to look at the noticeable perks of Venetian Shade Dubai.Β 

  • These blinds provide you with high-end privacy along with protecting your space from prying eyes.Β 
  • Our Venetian window blinds are elegant, attractive, and sophisticated blinds.Β 
  • They provide you with high-end control over light and insulates your room from temperature.Β 
  • They perfectly suit your windows and become the flawless addition with vertical blinds to any home decor.Β 
  • They are available in distinctive types, colors, styles, and designs to choose from according to your interior.Β 
  • These blinds are easy to clean, easy to install and maintain.Β 
  • As we have manufactured Venetian blinds are manufactured using durable materials so they last longer and provide a comfortable look to your place.Β 
  • These are cost-effective window treatments.Β 
  • They provide you with a hygienic environment as well.Β 
  • These blinds work with blinds slats mechanism.Β 
Classic Venetain Blinds
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Best Venetain Blinds SHARJAH
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Explore The Endless Varieties Of Venetian Window Blinds in UAE

Our Venetian window blinds are available in endless colors and designs to choose from. The colors which are available for the elegant cream to bold and bright grey colors. The colors may be glossy, matty, and metallic. All of these colors boost up the entire scenario. Apart from appealing color, these blinds provide aesthetically appealing and functionality to your windows. Our Venetian blinds Dubai becomes the highly stylish window treatments under budget. We at bring a matchless collection of blinds which surely play an essential role in enhancing the visually appealing look to your place. Our new collection of blinds is available in endless designs, colors, styles, and sizes to choose from. Our blinds not only revive the look of your interiors but also create a functional environment. To check out the latest collection of blinds, do visit our blinds store in Dubai and get started with your home decoration.

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Verstile Venetain Blinds
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We Offer Made To Measure Venetian Blinds Dubai

We have mentioned above, Venetian window blinds also known as horizontal blinds.

The space which needs styles and privacy then these blinds are the perfect choice to choose.Β 

But finding the right size of window dressing is a tedious task to do, we at, present the Made To Measure Venetian Blinds in Dubai so that you can get blinds that perfectly fit your windows. Our experts manufacture these blinds using the finest quality materials and this is the reason these blinds last long.Β 

We take the measurements of blinds and keenly manufacture them according to the exceptional size of your windows. Apart from this, we consider the modern home decoration trends and then manufacture blinds. Our customized blinds give an everlasting calming look to your place, do consider us for your next blinds customization.Β 

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Get Professional Venetian Blinds Dubai Installation Services

Get your blinds fixed with a professional installer if you want to enhance the durability of blinds. We bring first-class blinds in UAE and offer the fast fixing and installation services of Venetian Blinds Dubai all over the UAE. No matter the size of your windows, we keenly install blinds under your budget and without spreading any mess to your place. We ensure the accurate installation of blinds and also give the proper customer service. Let me tell you something more mesmerizing, our perfectly installed blinds provide UV blockage and prohibit sun rays from entering your room. These blinds maintain high-end privacy and when they are closed no one can through the window inside your room. Get in touch with us to get the budget-friendly installation of blinds in the UAE.

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Genres Where Venetian Shade Can Be Installed

Venetian blinds Dubai can be installed in several genres because of their versatile and adaptable nature. They give a perfect blend with the interior of your space and can be adjusted in different places. You can install these blinds in bathrooms and kitchens because of their splash-resistant properties. Apart from this, you can also install Venetian window Blinds in commercial as well as residential areas. These blinds can also be installed in living rooms, restaurants, cafes, conference halls, and offices as well.

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We at, bring the most incredible variety of modern blinds for the purpose of your window dressing. We being the leading specialist platform feels pleasure to serve you in every possible way and also at an extremely low possible price range. Our stylish Venetian Blinds Dubai are manufactured using the finest quality materials and give an appealing addition to any place. Apart from this, we also offer fast fixing & installation services of blinds, our experts come to your place and fix your blinds without spreading any mess to your place. Do contact us or send us an email and get free of cost experts discussions and the good thing is that, you can also request a free quote today. We also offer free measurement, free quotation, and free delivery services all over the UAE.

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