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Eyelet window curtains are becoming the most demanding window dressings from the past few years. Because these curtains come with unique styling and features and make your place more charming and fashionable. If you want to give the loveliest charming look to your place then we suggest buying our Eyelet Curtains Dubai.

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These curtains are a real beauty enhancer and give a luxurious touch to your place. Because of their fold pleats patterns from top to bottom, our eyelet window curtains offer a prepossessing look.

Let me tell you something more mesmerizing: these curtains require poles for hanging purposes, you don’t need to use rings while hanging eyelet window curtains. Our Eyelet Curtains Dubai comes with a matchless touch of elegance, you can create a dramatic look in every place. Get in touch with us and buy the best curtains at an extremely low price range.

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Creative Manufacturing Details Of Eyelet Curtains Dubai

Let’s talk about some crafting details of eyelet window curtains, these curtains come with different width and length ranges and can be perfectly fit any type of window. The maximum width of these curtains is 90 inches and also comes with a minimum width range including 44 inch, 66-inch widths. When we talk about the drop length of these curtains, the maximum drop length is a 108-inch drop and also comes with the 54 and 72-inch drop. These curtains are simple to hang and maintain, because of their metal or plastic eyelets, these curtains move smoothly over the curtain poles. The deep bunched wavy folds of Eyelet Curtains Dubai give an everlasting charming look to your place. Our eyelet window curtains are manufactured with tightly woven fabric materials so less amount of light passes from these curtains and they provide high-end privacy. Apart from this, these curtains are excellent thermal insulators that reduce the 33% of electricity bills. Eyelet window curtains become money-saving window dressers.

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Hanging Mechanism Of Eyelet Curtains

As we have mentioned above, eyelet window curtains are easy to install and maintain. These curtains work on an easy-to-install mechanism. As previously explained, eyelet window curtains are made of different materials of the eyelet, so they move smoothly over the poles and never get stuck while moving from left to right. Let’s jump to look at how eyelet curtains in Abu Dhabi can be installed; 

  • First of all, you need to hang the brackets. 
  • Now prepare your curtains and iron them. 
  • Fold the panels with the help of ironing the curtains. 
  • Now, this is the time to insert the pole through the grommets. 
  • Simply, you can hang the pole on the brackets. 
  • Hurray! The eyelet curtains are installed. 
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Endless Benefits Of Eyelet Curtains in Abu Dhabi

Eyelet window dressers are the most practical window dressings that perfectly add an elegant statement to any room. These curtains come with a versatile range of fabrics and textures to choose from including floral print, butterfly prints, strip patterns, check box patterns, and many more. The advantages of these curtains are totally timeless and come with easy-to-maintain features. Eyelet window curtains will be beneficial for you in several ways, let’s jump to look at them;

The Classic Patterns

Eyelet window curtains are manufactured with classic yet traditional patterns, these curtains provide a neat and pleasant look because of their neat and sleek folds of fabrics.

Flexible To Use

Our eyelet curtains in Abu Dhabi are manufactured using the finest quality fabric materials, so they become flexible to use curtains. You can install these curtains in harsh weather and sunlight; they never get damaged and provide high-end privacy. 

Easy To Move

As we have mentioned above, eyelet window curtains consist of different types of eyelets so they are easy to move over the curtain rods. When you open or close these curtains, they never get stuck and provide smooth movement.

Stunning Eyelet Curtains In Dubai
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A Versatile Range Of Fabrics

Eyelet window curtains are manufactured with a versatile range of fabric materials including, silk, sheer, blackout, lace, pinch pleat, and many more fabric materials. Because of their fabric durability, these curtains last long. 


When it comes to the price of eyelet curtains, then there’s no need to worry. These curtains come at a cost-effective price range as compared to other window curtains. Let me tell you the most important reason for the cost-effectiveness of these curtains is that you don’t need to buy the extra curtain assortments for the purpose of hanging. Because these curtains directly run over the curtain pole. 


The good thing is that these curtains are stylish, practical yet functional. The functionality of these curtains is that you don’t require extra maintenance and you also open or close them without any effort. 

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We Offer Made To Measure Eyelet Curtains in UAE

Finding the perfect fit and perfectly interior match curtains is a daunting task to do.

We at feel pleased to offer the customized curtains at an extremely low price range. We have a professional manufacturer team that provides the creative designs, styles, and colors of curtains according to your customized needs. 

Our customized eyelet curtains in Abu Dhabi give an amazing look to your windows and come at an effectively low price range. You can customize your curtains according to your needs and window parameters. Our expert consultant is always ready to serve you in efficient manners, whatever the style and design you want you just need to tell our expert. We promise to manufacture your curtains according to your stylus needs. 

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Get Incredibly Stylish Eyelet Curtains In Sharjah

Apart from providing beautiful curtains, we also offer customized curtain accessories including curtain rods, curtain poles, tiebacks, curtain eyelet rings, and many more. The eyelets we manufactured are rust-free and allow your curtains to move freely over the curtain rods.

We at, gladly welcome you to get ready-made as well-made to measure eyelet curtains in UAE and beautify the overall look of your home. Our beautifully crafted curtains can be installed in homes, offices, apartments, and hotels.

Because these curtains provide a chic look to your place and create a dramatic look to your place. These curtains ideally look adorable and provide a sophisticated decor look. Contact us to buy the best budget-friendly and most appealing eyelet window curtains in the UAE. 

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We Are The Leading Suppliers Of The Best Eyelet Curtains In Dubai

Being the best manufacturer of curtains, we also become the top-notch curtains supplier all over UAE. We are a team of professionals who have extraordinary expertise to supply curtains in every genre of UAE. Our all-time beautiful Eyelet Curtains Dubai is becoming a well-paying investment in your commercial as well as residential areas. 

So whether you are a resident of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any part of the UAE we promise to offer free doorstep delivery services. We have professional handymen who feel pleasure to serve you in every manner from manufacturing, supplying, and installation too. Our consultant also helps you to choose the best curtains which suit your interior and perfectly blend with your home decor.

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Eyelet Curtains In UAE
Eyelet Curtains In Abu Dhabi ,UAE

Why Choose Us?, one of leading blinds Dubai and curtains manufacturing, supplying, and installing firms offering you a versatile range of curtains at an incredibly low price range. We have professional staff offering the latest trends of curtains in vibrant shades and designs to choose from. We offer modern yet stylish look curtains that compliment the overall interior of your home and give an awe-inspiring look to your place. 

Our beautiful Eyelet Curtains Dubai is manufactured with durable fabric materials so they last longer. You can use our curtains in sunlight without the fear of vanishing colors. If you want to get our services, then consult our expert or request a free quote today. Or you can also call us at +971561488768 or send an email to us at

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