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Velvet is always considered a luxurious decorative element that adds a luxurious look to any home space. And velvet curtains Dubai are the best option to adorn your living place with a royal touch. For that sake, we at Select Blinds, a top-notch brand in the UAE, offer you our most adorable velvet window curtains and drapes at extremely fair prices.

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Visit our store and check out our entire collection of these first-class window hangings. Create a chic appearance in your living space by installing our beautifully designed and professionally manufactured window coverings. Because they are made of high-quality fabric, we provide a complete guarantee of their durability.

Customer satisfaction is what we put at the top of our priority list. You can request custom made velvet curtains Dubai from us, and our knowledgeable staff will provide you with the exact hangings that you require for installation in your home. We concentrate on every detail given by our customers to make them happy. Our goal is to intensify your living space, and we work hard to achieve it.

Our Products

Embossed Velvet Curtains in Dubai

Embossed Velvet

Crushed Velvet Curtians in Dubai

Crushed Velvet

Blue Velvet Curtains in Dubai

Blue Velvet

White Velvet Curtains in Dubai

White Velvet

Velvet Red Curtains in Dubai

Velvet Red

Velvet Pink Curtains in Dubai

Velvet Pink

Velvet Gold Curtains in Dubai

Velvet Gold

Velvet Black Curtains

Velvet Black

Stretch Velvet Curtains in Dubai

Stretch Velvet

Pile on Pile Velvet Curtains in Dubai

Pile on Pile Velvet

Grey Velvet Curtains in Dubai

Grey Velvet

Green Velvet Curtains in Dubai

Green Velvet

Alluring Velvet Curtains in Dubai
Best Quality Velvet Curtains in Dubai
Awesome Velvet Curtains in Dubai
Customized Velvet Curtains in Dubai

We are the leading brand in the market, and we never let our customers down. Our premium-quality velvet window treatments entertain you in so many ways, making them beneficial for you. You can have them at reasonable prices and add a touch of magic to the decor statement of your home interior. Get your hand on our appealing crushed chenille curtains, extra long if your windows are too big. Your space will instantly gain a royal look.

These tremendous window hangings come in all unique colors and styles, making them the top choice for everyone. Our double-wide Velvet Curtains Dubai offer you complete window privacy and act as the perfect light hindrance. They eliminate the sunlight and provide your room with a complete blackout while reducing the noise.


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We Are a Top-Notch Chenille Curtains Brand

We have a firm grip on what we do and satisfy our clients in every possible way. Our customers have trust in us as we do not leave a single chance of any complaint.

Blackout Curtains Dubai
First Class Velvet Curtains in Dubai

Buy Our Custom Made Velvet Curtains Dubai

Modernize your home windows by hanging our premium velvet curtains, which give a whole ravishing look and provide you with a comfy environment. They control the room temperature according to the climate while giving your living space an enchanting statement.

Get Our Amazing Services in All the Areas of the UAE

As a leading provider in the UAE, we offer our beloved customers some reliable services. You can hire our workers for the delivery and ask us for a free sample. Our crushed velvet curtains Dubai experts will reach your palace and let you check the samples with no obligation to purchase. Hire our installation team and give your home an instant glamorous look.

Luxury Velvet Curtains in Dubai

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Top Quality Velvet Curtains in Dubai
Best Velvet Curtains in Dubai
Velvet Curtains In Dubai
Velvet Curtains in UAE
Black Velvet Curtains In Dubai
Durable Velvet Curtains in Dubai

Our Beautiful Velvet Window Curtains

  • Best For Room

Our most beautiful and luxurious chenille curtains are the most appealing on the market because of their durability and attractive appearance.

Add A Royal Touch

Long Lifespan

See What Our Satisfied
Customers Say

As a well-recognized company in the entire UAE, we now have a strong portfolio of happy customers. We always offer our clients the finest quality products.


I bought velvet curtains from Select Blinds, and they went so well with the interior theme of my living space. I am highly impressed!

Hired the workers from Select Blinds and they came with the window coverings and all the material required for the installation. They did a quick and good job!

I loved the fabric of the curtains I ordered from them. On-time delivery! I will shop again for sure! Thank you for the high-quality curtains for my home!

Avail Our Top-Class
Installation Services

Our professionals will come to take the free measurements.

Install the window curtains, creating no mess.

Do hassle-free and quick installation.

Provide you with the flexibility of payment.

Prefer Us For the Best Velvet Window Coverings

The main aim is to supply high-quality window treatments.

Prioritize our customers’ satisfaction.

Offers payment flexibility and a free quotation.

We provide our customers with super fast delivery.

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# 1 wallvet Curtains
Stylish wallvet Curtains
Luxury wallvet Curtains
Modern wallvet Curtains

Highly Affordable

We provide our customers with cheap velvet curtains made of good quality material to entice their living spaces.

Top Quality wallvet Curtains
Versatile wallvet Curtains



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