Motorized Curtains Dubai - A Smart Home Window Treatment

With the increasing technology adaptation in the world everything is becoming smart and automated so why not opt for Motorized curtains Dubai for your home. Here at, we come with smart window solutions and offer the automatic curtains UAE. We aim to make our customer’s life more convenient and want to save their time.

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Our remote control window curtains provide you with a touch of luxury to your place and can be open or closed with the simple touch of a button. Apart from this, these curtains also provide you with high-end privacy.

Motorized window curtains provide beauty and convenience in your home and create a modern chic look to your place. Let’s suppose you are sitting in a TV lounge and want to close the curtains of the bedroom, you can do it without leaving your place with a simple touch of a button.

Our automatic curtains come with a smooth railing, smart app connectivity, and a durable motor. And the good thing is that our motorized curtains dubai comes with built-in motors but no wires, they are showing on them, they provide a neat & chic look to your place.

Our Products

Motorized Curtains Dubai
Motorized Curtains Dubai
Motorized Curtains Dubai
Motorized Curtains Dubai
Motorized Curtains Dubai
Motorized Curtains Dubai
Motorized Curtains Dubai
Motorized Curtains Dubai

Working Mechanism Of Motorized Curtains Dubai, comes with modern yet smart window dressings that work on the automation mechanism. Our motorized window curtains come with built-in automated functions and can be operated using a smart app, remote, or voice command. Isn’t these curtains still attract you? You can operate these curtains without moving from your place.

Our motorized curtains Abu Dhabi are easy to operate and upgrade your standard of living. These curtains have a smooth railing, they will never be struck while they are opening and closing. Here we have mentioned some operating mechanisms of these curtains so that you can operate these curtains smoothly. Let’s take a look at them;

  • Our curtains can be operated using solar-powered mechanisms.
  • You can also operate our motorized window curtains with the help of a battery.
  • These curtains also operate using a remote control.
  • Our electric curtains can also be operated using Alexa.
  • For the opening and closing of these curtains, you can also add a timer.
Motorized Curtains Dubai
Motorized Curtains Dubai

Technical Parameters Of Remote Control Curtains

Let’s talk about the technical specification of motorized window curtains. As we have mentioned above. These curtains can be open or closed using motorized options, so they have the center opening options. The fabric of these curtains is light filtering and provides high-end privacy, the material used in the manufacturing of motorized window curtains is 73% vinyl and 27% polyester. The good thing is that Motorized Curtains in Sharjah also block out 95% of UV rays and provide you with healthy yet convenient facilities. The maximum width of these curtains is 320 cm or you can also customize it according to your window parameters. These curtains come with a maximum of height which is 400 cm. The weight of these curtains is 471 GSM, and the fabric thickness is 0.69 mm. This is the reason our motorized window curtains last long and provide beneficial services.

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Benefits Of Automatic Curtains in Sharjah, UAE

If you need comfort and high-end privacy then we suggest installing our Best Motorized window curtains. We provide smart technology curtains so that you can make your home smart yet appealing. Our curtains provide you with endless benefits after the installation, so let’s jump to look at the most prominent benefits of motorized curtains in Dubai.

  • Our curtains can be operated using a smart app, remote control, or by sending audio signals. 
  • Motorized window curtains are easier to use. 
  • These curtains are child-friendly and also save your pets. Because of their cordless designs, no string is present on these curtains, so there is no chance of harming your pets and children. 
  • These are energy-efficient curtains so they consume your electric bills and save your money. 
  • You can make your home safe, while you are not at home because of the installation of these curtains. 
  • Our motorized curtain in UAE provide complete privacy and have the ability to control the light. 
  • Because of their timer mechanism, you can also set the alarm in these curtains. 
  • These curtains protect your home from prying eyes and automatically set down at sunset. 
  • Our curtains also come with built-in solar panel systems. 
  • They provide a charming yet calming look to your place. 
  • These curtains last long and come with a 5-20 years warranty. 
Motorized Curtains Dubai
blind 2
Motorized Curtains Dubai

Get Made To Measure Motorized Curtain in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ready Made curtains are not able to fulfill your desired needs and style. So we suggest getting customized curtains for your place. 

For the convenience of our customers, we offer made-to-measure motorized window curtains. You can customize your curtains according to your needs and window parameters. Our expert consultant provides you with a brief guide and also helps to choose the best fabric and colors so that your curtains perfectly blend with your interior. 

We manufacture our Motorized Curtains Dubai according to our customer’s instructions. We are an established company in the UAE, providing doorstep delivery services. If you want to book our services you just need to follow these three simple steps and get your desired curtains at your doorstep, apart from this you can also visit our showroom in Dubai. 

  • Schedule your FREE in-home estimate.
  • Order your basic curtain and customization.
  • Let our curtains installation experts do the work!

So are you ready to get our services, hurry up, get in touch with us and order our beautiful curtains today? 

Areas of Application Where You Can Install These Curtains

The motorized window curtains can be used in different genres because of their versatility and different functionality. You can install these curtains both in commercial as well domestic areas. Our window curtains provide an elegant appearance to your offices, conference halls, and meeting rooms. 

And if you want to glorify the windows of your living rooms, house, bathrooms, and kitchens then our motorized curtains in Dubai are the perfect choice to go. Our distinctive types of window curtains perk up your commercial as well as residential areas. Do consider us for the next smart curtains installation at your desired place. 

Areas of Motorized Curtains

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Get Your Motorized Curtains Installed By Our Pro Persons

We are the pioneer firm for designing and creating exclusive window dressing options, now come up with motorized curtains with exceptional functionality. The great thing to know is that we also assist you with cost-effective installation services. Our pro persons are handy in installing your curtains with perfection. 

We know the working mechanism and functionalities so, we can assure you to fix your curtains with great attention to detail. We are outfitted with professional tools and techniques to install curtains. So getting services from us will rest assured you with the long-lasting durability and reliability of curtains. 

No matter where you belong, you can have access to our services from anywhere in the UAE. We will directly reach your place to get your curtains installed. So, connect to us for reliable and cost-effective curtain fixing and installation. 

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Why Choose Us? is a brand known for its great services in offering highly exotic window dressing solutions. With your exceptional needs and with the aim to provide you with a cost-effective but highly functional window treatment. Our Motorized Curtain Dubai with the recent innovation of working with mobile apps or even voice commands are the best Go-to option nowadays.

We make our customers comfortable with the perfect selection of window dressing to make their home smarter along with upgrading their living standards. Our curtains are highly flexible to provide you with the best functionalities making your life easier. If you are looking for the best-motorized curtains near me, then we are your perfect partners to design, decorate and install your curtain right at your threshold.

You can connect to us to order your desired curtains. Our customer services consultants will be in touch with you to take all your specified parameters. After manufacturing, your curtains will be delivered to you in 3-5 working days. So, call us on +971561488768 or throw us an email at to avail of our services.

Motorized Curtains Dubai
Motorized Curtains Dubai

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