Curtain Fixing Dubai

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Get expert curtain fixing Dubai service by today for the perfect window decor. In this modern era, buying curtains online has become convenient. The problem is to find a professional staff to install curtains. For that, we are here with our quality professional services.

Curtain Fixing Dubai
Curtain Fixing Dubai



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Select Blinds is a name that has been known for the best curtain installation in Dubai for 15+ years. We ensure meticulous attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Low Service Charges

You can get service of curtain fixing in Dubai from us at a lower price than others.

Mess-Free Fitting

Our professional staff finishes curtain fixing without damaging your walls or windows.

Some Of Our Curtains Fabric Collection 2024

Key Features Of Our Curtain Fixing Dubai Service

Many claim to be the best, but our work shows for itself. Bring excellence to your interior decor with our curtain-fixing service in Dubai. Feel the change to your aesthetics with a service tailored to your unique window or curtain type.

  • Get free expert guidance for your specific needs on our service of curtain fixing in Dubai.
  • With accurate sizing, we ensure a perfect fitting every time
  • We offer premium finishes for your luxury window coverings
  • Our sustainable practice makes us an eco-friendly service
  • For your fast-paced Dubai living, we offer quick responses to each job.

Curtain Fixing Dubai

Get Inspired By Our Latest Curtain Fixing Projects 2024

Need to know what our curtain fixing looks like? Explore our project highlights below. See what an expert curtain installation in Dubai can do to a place to change its whole vibe.

Curtain Fixing Dubai
Curtain Fixing Dubai
Curtain Fixing Dubai
Curtain Fixing Dubai
Curtain Fixing Dubai

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We Install Curtain Perfectly for Every Type of Window

We install the curtain rods in a manner that elevates the decor of your windows with curtains. With the sleek installation of the curtain tracks, we ensure smooth operation with stylish interiors. Have a look at the various window types in which we have expertise.

Unique Windows

Get maximum aesthetics and functionality with our corner window curtain fixing in Dubai. You will get the perfect-looking curtains on high windows.

Motorized System

Get our expert services for various motorized system integrations for curtain fixing. Experience the effortless curtain operability for luxury living.

Double Curtain Rod Style

A versatile solution that lets you hang not one but 2 different sets of window coverings for elevated privacy and light control with decorative possibilities.

Bedroom Curtains Dubai

Why Choose Us For Curtain Fixing Dubai?

With 10+ years of market presence and 2000+ curtain fitting projects completed, we are a premier choice to install all types of curtains in your residential or commercial places. Customers choose us because:

    1. Seamless curtain installation in Dubai at a very affordable rate
    2. Free property visit for giving free window measurement
    3. Fast workflow – Curtain Fixing Dubai jobs take only 1 day.
    4. 100% customer satisfaction with mess-free work & no hidden costs

What Our Customers Say About Us

We get referrals and repeat customers for curtain fixing in Dubai because of our professionalism and observant eye for detail. Take a look at what our clients have to say about us.


For your heavy drapes in both commercial and residential settings, we have our heavy-duty ceiling-mounted tracks with specially reinforced brackets. These brackets, made from aluminum and steel, offer the much-needed support to keep the heavy curtains afloat.

Overall, the motorized mechanism for the curtain removes the need for wiring which reduces the happening of any wall damage. Our motorized curtain systems offer motors and controls that are discreet in appearance and go well with any existing decor.

To have perfectly aligned curtain tracks on the window is crucial for smooth operations. To achieve this perfect alignment, our curtain fixers utilize cutting-edge measurement tools like laser-guided alignment levels. This reduces the friction for letting the curtains glide on the track.

Yes, you need to regularly maintain your curtain tracks for longevity and smooth curtain movements along them. You must clean your tracks so as not to let any dust or dirt build up. Be sure to lubricate the moving parts like pulleys and rollers once a week. This lubrication prevents the frictional wear & tear of the mechanism.

Yes, we have custom-made bent tracks or flexible tracks that can accommodate curved curtain fixing in Dubai. These tracks are designed for flexing and bending as per the curvature of your desired surface – offering a versatile solution for home decor.

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