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Blinds are the mandatory choice for almost every homeowner, because of their functionalities and room darkening effects. To fulfill your needs, we at present the Roller Blinds Dubai. These blinds make your room fascinating and provide you high-end privacy as well.

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You will find a versatile range of roller window blinds in different colors, textures, patterns, and styles. If you are irritating with sunlight, and want to block it then here our roller shade in Dubai, UAE acts as the barrier between the inner and outer atmosphere. Apart from these functionalities, the good thing is that our sunscreen blinds are the real beauty enhancer.

Our roller cover for windows are manufactured using the finest-quality glass-coated fiber & dedicated fabric materials. These blinds come with stainless steel chain operation. If you are also the one who is wondering about rolling blinds near me, then your search must stop here, we come with modern yet affordable blinds with fixing and installation services.

Besides the fixing and installation of blinds, we have become the first-class roller shade supplier in Dubai. Our blinds are furiously durable and easy to maintain, you can make your home look more appealing with our cheap Roller blinds Dubai. You do not need to clean them every day, only twice a month cleaning is enough for these blinds.

Let me tell you something more mesmerizing, you will find different types of roller shade in Dubai according to different scenarios. So, just scroll to look at them and read while enjoying the features of these blinds ahead!

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Classification Of Roller Blinds Dubai Based On Fabrics/ Materials

When it comes to styling your home with outside blinds, then roller shade come in different designs and materials to choose from. Or if you are looking for new window coverings which are easy to operate or come in a variety of fabrics and match with your existing home interior then Roller Blinds Dubai is the perfect choice to go.

These thin shades are available to block out light or allow you to enjoy the outside environment from your windows. You can choose the best fabric blinds which fulfill your needs. Let’s jump to look at the classification of roller fabric blinds.

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Material & Fabrics

Fabric Laminated

The laminating process for roller cover is less known. A funky or traditional printed fabric of your choice can make roller shade really appealing and special. The Fabric Roller Laminated Blinds Dubai are manufactured by gluing a material at a high temperature to a special backrest. This process does not affect the look of your chosen fabric blinds, but it is nourishing to make them blind. The laminated fabric method is used to join fabrics and make blinds wider than the width of fabric. The backrest material which is used during the manufacturing of laminated blinds is white or cream and can either block 100% light to create a darkening feature or allow some light to pass. In order to avoid unraveling the look of blinds, the visible edges are cut over. Fabric Roller Laminated Blinds in Dubai create a dramatic look to your place and provide a traditional look to your place.

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Roller Blackout

Do you want to block light to create a darkened room? If yes then here’s the solution, blackout roller shades abolish all incoming lights and provide you a dreamy dark room. If your schedule is untraditional then these room darkening blinds help you sleep well. Blackout Roller Blinds Dubai is also a good choice to go if you need high-level privacy. In addition to that, these blinds can add isolation and block dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays, thus keeping your room warm in cold weather and cooler in hot weather. These sunscreen blinds also block harmful rays which may damage the color of your furnishing. Apart from this all of our roller blackout fabrics blinds are simply a pleasure to see!

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BLackout Roller BLinds
Best Blackout Roller Blinds

Material & Fabrics

Layers Based Categorization Of Roller Blinds in Dubai

Roller shade are categorized on the basis of layers, here at, we brought the two layers of roller window blinds. One is single-layer roller window blinds and the second is double-layer roller cover. Single roller covering, as their names indicate, are manufactured with one texture layer, roller while double blinds are made of two separate layers and are versatile fabric range. A double roller blind is normally used to add both a blackout shade and a translucent light shade. The best thing is that you can raise one layer and close the other with a double roller blind, to allow the amount of light that you want. The double blinds maintain a slim profile and provide you with maximum flexibility, which is perfect for day and night use. Double roller blinds can also be used with different patterns or colors to match your room look.

Motorized Roller Blinds
blind 2
Classic Motorized Roller Blinds

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Roller Motorized Blinds as the name indicates are the blinds that work automatically and the good thing is that you do not need to open them or close them manually.

They’re one of the popular blinds categories, among blinds and curtains. The most important thing for you is comfort, you do not need to move from your chair, and you can open or close it to your comfort.

Let’s suppose you are in a major meeting and have to open the office blinds, then our Roller Electric Blinds are the best choice due to remote control capabilities. Apart from the comfort, the safety of your children and pets is the other advantage of motorized blinds. Due to the lack of strings within these blinds. Strings are sometimes dangerous in the vicinity of children.

Our roller motorized blinds are made of high-strength aluminum, steel, or vinyl. Due to any kind of damage, they do not have to be replaced occasionally. We also offer UV-resistant coating on the blinds to avoid this blindness fading over time. The Motorized Roller Blinds Dubai offers good privacy and protection and is easy to clean & maintain. These blinds are the best option for people who are too busy in their lives.

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Sunscreen blinds are the other trendiest version of These blinds are manufactured using engage fabrics, and these blinds help to intercept the light and UV radiation entering your home which causes damage to furniture. One of the major advantages of sunscreen shutters is that they provide you complete privacy, while you are outside during the day, nobody can see you back if you do not have light.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds Dubai is perfect for the flashy environment, keeps your home cool, and saves energy. Sunscreen is a technical fabric with high performance. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) light is reduced by about 95%. Fading materials are responsible for UV while IR builds heat. Sunscreen blinds significantly reduce sunlight and allow light to pass through.

Sunscreen blinds are ideal for rooms facing south where sunlight and warmth protection is required. They are often used for the protection of artwork in museums and galleries. It is also ideal for offices and home studies because it helps to reduce reflection on computer screens. Besides this, these blinds apparently look appealing and come at an affordable price range.

SunScreen Roller Blinds
Best Light Filtering Roller Blinds
blind 2
Light Filtering Roller Blinds

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Light Filtering

If you want to maintain your privacy within your living room, but also want to let the light come up through your windows, then our light filtering roller shade is the best option to go, What a perfect combination it is, light filtering blinds with a roll-up mechanism, this sound interesting, isn’t?

We have for you people the perfect window dressing option! You can enjoy your privacy with our clear blinds and let these priestly neighbors go out while enjoying the light that fills up nicely in your bedroom, living room, etc. Well, the best thing about our Translucent Light Filtering Roller Blinds Dubai is that they blend perfectly in every room and can therefore be installed in any room. Other than blackouts and sunscreens, our exclusive range of translucent shutters still has its particular features.

We have taken the privacy to make this incredibly innovative window treatment for customers with a unique style and feature requirements, from blackout shields and light filtration capability from sunscreen blinds. The fabric used for the production of blinds with high quality is slim enough to allow the light to filter attractively, unlike blackout. 

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Silhouette roll Blinds give virtually enhancement to any home, including modern, classic, and ancient designs. Silhouette Blinds have become the most convenient windows coverings because of their easy-to-use and easy-to-install mechanism. These Blinds work like a traditional blind, yet with a new level of technical expertise. The innovative material used during the manufacturing of these blinds, allows you to see outside and restrict the view to privacy from the street. Luxaflex's "S-Vane" signature comes with Silhouette Roller Blinds Dubai. You can open them for a complete, soft, privacy-free focus view, or for light control. Silhouette blinds are made of dust-resistant, 100 percent static polyester fabric materials which can be durable and cleaned easily. The premium Ultraglide lifts, looping cords, or ultimate convenience can be used. Let me tell you something more mesmerizing, our Silhouette blinds can be motorized and operated on your smartphone with a single remote device or via an App.

Bamboo Roller Blinds 1

The Perfect Window Coverings

Bamboo Roller

Bamboo roller blinds make your room look attractive and while offering precisely the same functions as standard blinds, maintain your privacy, and let the light pass. The simplicity of bamboo blinds facilitates maintenance, installation, and cleaning. In addition, their natural elements fit with the majority of decorations from traditional to trendy. 

Our Bamboo rolling blinds add a natural feel to your window with their refreshing natural color. The tightly woven bamboo blinds make natural light stream gently and provide privacy. This roller blind, easy to install, would fit in a variety of home styles and is perfect to quickly and easily update your home. And the good thing is that Bamboo Roller Blinds Dubai comes in a versatile range of colors, styles, and designs along with fast fixing and installation services.

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Areas Of Application

Where Roller Blinds Should Be Installed

Roller window blinds come in a versatile range and types and adjust in any type of area or scenario, the best thing is that these blinds create a perfect look wherever they are installed. You can install these blinds in a number of places, whether you want to install them in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, or any other commercial or residential area. Roller blackout blinds are a good choice if you want high-end privacy and perfect look window treatment in your bedrooms. Let’s jump to know the areas where you should install roller blinds.

1 Roller Blinds Dubai
Bedroom ROLLER Blinds

The Perfect Window Coverings

Bedroom Roller

Select Blinds provides you the modern and the most stylish blinds for your bedroom windows. Our Bedroom Roller Blinds Dubai creates a dramatic look to your bedrooms and also boosts your sleep as well. You must buy our roller bedroom blinds if you are a night shift worker because these blinds blackout your room and avoid all types of noises entering your bedrooms. 

Apart from this, our bedroom roller blinds are manufactured using the finest quality and exotic fabric materials. We manufactured our blinds using synthetic fibers, polyesters, wood, vinyl, aluminum, and PVC materials. These materials last long and come with light-blocking, noise-blocking features. Let me tell you something more mesmerizing, our bedroom blinds give a classic look to your bedrooms while maintaining privacy.

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Bathroom Roller

Do you want to give an extremely modish and attractive look to your bathroom? If yes, then we present our exclusive collection of Bathroom Roller Blinds Dubai that have a perfectly stylish approach. These blinds provide you high-end privacy and create an extremely pleasant look to your bathrooms. Bathroom blinds are becoming the homeowner's choice because these blinds are designed to bear sunlight, soap stains, and water splashes conditions. The good thing is that our bathroom window blinds are extremely durable, long-lasting, robust, humid, and water-resistant as well. We manufacture our bathroom blinds using wood, aluminum, PVC, and vinyl materials. You can install our blinds to your bathroom windows if you are annoyed by the light that directly comes to your place. You can also install these blinds for better privacy. Apart from this, the best thing is that the colors of our blinds never fade even in the harsh sunlight and harsh humid conditions.

Bathroom Rooler Blinds

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Area Based

Office Roller

Here at, you will find a versatile range of blinds for the office with a number of designs and textures. Whether your office is small or large, our Office Roller Blinds come with a perfectly fit mechanism. Our stylish yet innovative office blinds provide you a relaxing and mind soothing environment in your workplace. As we all know, our majority of time is spent in the office, so the office environment should be inspirational and clean. Our blinds provide a surprisingly exceptional environment to your employees so they can work with complete focus. If you want to buy trendy, innovative, and the most important thing affordable blinds then our Office Roller Blinds Dubai is the best option to choose. These blinds give a luxurious look to your place and because of their high quality, they will transform the entire look of your office. Get in touch with us to buy these environmentally beautiful yet graceful blinds for your office.

Living Room

The living room is the heart of every homeowner, so the interior and decor of the living room should be complimenting. To give a perfect and complete look to your living room, we present the Living Room Roller Blinds in Dubai. Our blinds create a welcoming ambiance to your dull living rooms. Living room blinds give a ravishing look to your place and provide you perfect sophistication to your space. These blinds are manufactured using the finest-quality fabric materials and this is the reason our blinds last long. You will find a versatile collection of Living Room Roller Blinds Dubai which perfectly matches your existing home interior decor. Let me tell you something more mesmerizing, we also offer made-to-measure blinds and keenly crafted blinds according to your needs and specifications. You can customize your blinds for the living room according to your required size, color, textures, and taste of living room scenarios.

Kitchen Roller Blinds
1 Kitchen Roller Blinds
Classic Kitchen Roller Blinds
Kitchen Roller Blinds Dubai


We spend a lot of time in the kitchen for different purposes, such as cooking, eating, and washing dishes. So the kitchen windows should be well-dressed. Do you also want to dress up your kitchen windows? If yes then you land right here. We at provide a vast variety of Kitchen Roller Blinds Dubai which elevates the significance of the kitchens. Our highest quality luxury kitchen window blinds give a pleasant look whenever you see them. Our kitchen blinds last long because these blinds are manufactured using the finest quality fabric materials. During the manufacturing of these blinds, we use polyester, vinyl, plastic, faux wood, and aluminum fabric materials. We have an expert team of staff who craft these blinds to boost up the interior of the kitchen and also to make your kitchen more adorable and appealing.

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Availability of Roller Blinds in Amazing Colors

Roller blinds are a great awning cloth through which you can enhance your living space and express your lifestyle. And the blinds in beautiful colors create a modern yet trendy look to your space.

We at present the beautiful, eye-catching, and calming colors blinds that boost up your space. Explore our beautiful colors of roller blinds in Dubai, install them at your desired place and make your space more pleasant. Let’s have a look at the amazing colors of blinds in Dubai.

The Perfect Window Coverings


Grey color becomes the real style moment in the world of interiors and the grey colors blinds are the one that’s set to last. We present the Grey Roller Blinds in amazing shades including stunning silver, charcoal, and slate. These blinds give an awe-inspiring look to your place and come at a surprisingly affordable price range. Grey blinds are constructed by keeping in mind your existing home interior so that they blend well in your space.

We designed every type of blinds, whether you need simple plain blinds which perfectly match the room interior, or whether you need textured blinds to create an interesting look to your place. Have you got your heart on grey but don’t know which style blinds are good for you, then explore our versatile collection of Grey Roller Blinds Dubai to choose the best one.

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Grey Roller Blinds 1
Best White Roller Blinds
White Roller Blinds Dubai
White Roller Blinds 1
White Bedroom Roller Blinds

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Do you want to give a refreshing touch to your windows then go with our White Roller Blinds Dubai? These blinds make your room look bigger and with their simple yet effective designs. Our white blinds are available in beautiful patterns and colors including off-white to white smoke colors. White window blinds create a contemporary yet stylish look to your space. These blinds are the perfect window dressing addition to your home and offices. Besides this white blinds also provide instant privacy to your bedrooms and block out the interrupting light. You are not sure which white will complement your home decor then we suggest buying our White Roller Blinds. If you are still confused about the selection of blinds, here's the good news for you, we also offer free sample services to help you find the perfect match blinds for your space.

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Get Our Made To Measure Roller Blinds At Cheap Price

We at come with the main aim to make your place the most contemporary one with our Made To Measure Roller Blinds Dubai. Our customized blinds are the perfect fit window dressing elements for every window within your home, offices, and apartments. Being effective window coverings these blinds offer you flawless privacy as well. 

Our custom-made roller shade come with a unique construction mechanism and they fit perfectly in the window frames and with the help of a pulling cord, their operation is done. These blinds are considerable long-lasting window treatments and give a ravishing appearance to your place. The good thing is that you can customize our blinds according to the theme of your place so that they perfectly blend with all decorative themes.

Our Made To Measure Roller shade Dubai is easy to install and easy to maintain. Besides this, we also offer expert installation and fixing of roller cover at an extremely low price range, and also roller blinds price in Dubai is very low. Consult our expert staff today to hire our blinds fixing specialist.

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To Wind-Up!

After analyzing the different categories of Roller shade Dubai, the final result is roller blackout blinds are the best option to go, but if you are on a tight budget then roller bamboo blinds are a good option to go. Our roll blinds give an elegant look to your windows and create an aesthetic for your space. These blinds are capable of providing you with high-level privacy when closed. Roller window blinds make the interior more appealing without burdening your budget. Apart from all the above-mentioned facts and features about Roller Blinds Dubai, you must consider opting for the one up to your desired parameters and your budget limits.

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