Stunning Curtain Tapes Dubai

When preparing your home for 2022 New Year's evening the first things to consider are window dressings. But the other most difficult task is to hang your curtains in an efficient manner. For the purpose of hanging your curtains, we at, come with the most stunning range of curtain accessories including Curtain Tapes Dubai.

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Tapes for curtains are actually also known as header tapes and these tapes provide complete control over pleating on the curtains. These curtain slide tapes provide you with several benefits along with adding beauty and attraction to your curtains. 

Using our beautiful curtain tapes Dubai, you can renovate your windows but here’s the kicker, before buying the pleater tape for your curtains, make sure to determine the size of curtain plate tape as well and choose the best one which suits your curtains too. Our curtain ring tapes in Dubai provide a refined look to your curtains with beautiful edges. 

Curtain Tapes Dubai
Curtain Tapes Dubai
Curtain Tapes Dubai
Curtain Tapes Dubai

Curtain Tapes Dubai Renovate Your Window Curtains

We at, aims to offer the perfect range of pretty curtain tapes in Dubai with varying widths. Without any doubt, these curtain header tapes enhance the pleating, gathering, ruffling, or stiffening of curtains and blinds Dubai and definitely enhance the rooms into the greatest asset. 

In this modern era, everyone demands beautiful yet elegant curtains with well-defined striking graceful pleating impressions, so that the perfectly stitched curtains enhance the overall look of your home. Let me tell you something more mesmerizing, these tapes come at an incredibly low price range. 

Curtain tapes in Dubai provide the opportunity to customize the style of your curtains and draperies. So that you will renovate your windows with these extraordinary tapes for curtains. After applying the tapes, the fabric of the curtains is reduced and it creates a range of folds and pleats.

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Noteworthy Benefits Of Curtain Tapes Abu Dhabi

Curtains are the traditional, modern, cozy and retro styles to express the desired styles. Our curtain hook tapes are manufactured using durable quality so that your curtains remain in shape.

If you want to give a classic look to your curtains then we suggest opting for the durable yet finest quality pleated tape for curtains. Using tapes for curtains will be beneficial for you in several ways, so let’s jump to look at the noteworthy benefits of Curtain Tapes Dubai. 

  • The use of tapes for curtains will provide the style to curtains. 
  • These tapes provide the curves around the corner.
  • These are cost-effective curtain accessories. 
  • Curtain header tapes are the best way to align the curtains perfectly. 
  • Curtain tapes in Dubai create flawless pleating to your curtains. 
  • The tapes for curtains enhance the durability of curtains.

Distinctive Types Of Curtain Tapes Dubai

Finding the right window dressing is a tedious task to do, but the other difficult task to do is to hang curtains. So now there’s no need to worry about the hanging of curtains because we provide the essential curtain accessories including curtain tapes Sharjah to hang your curtains neatly and create a sophisticated look to your place.
Our curtain header tapes are available in a versatile range of styles to choose from, some of them we have mentioned below. Let’s scroll to look at the distinctive types of tapes for curtains and choose the best one which complements your overall home interior.

Curtain Tapes Dubai
blind 2
Curtain Tapes Dubai

Rod Pocket (Pole Pocket)

At the top of the curtain panels, through which the curtain rod is inserted a pocket is sewn. In the rod pocket, the curtain length is included which is about 3”. And the thing you should keep in mind is the header should be measured 1 to 1-½ above the pocket and the curtain length is not included in it.

Pencil Pleat

The fabric is not too thick, the pencil pleat works better because the depth of pleats is 3 and almost the fabric is 2.5 times suggested. 

Versatile Pleat

The design of versatile pleats is not convenient to use, because the curtain tapes are knotted at the top of curtain hooks and curtain panels. To create new headings in curtains, you can detach these hooks easily. With the versatile pleat, almost 5 major headings can be formed. 

Tab Top

The tab top is the relaxed, modern, and less formal heading which is measured with 2” W X 4” L. The tab top comes with a row of fabric tabs which is hung to the rod at regular intervals. 

Back Tab (Concealed Tab Top)

The back tab is similar to the tab top, but at the top of the curtains, they are not visible. And the best thing is that the back tab provides better light and heat absorptions. 

Double Box Pleat

If you want to give a formal look to your curtains then go with a double box pleat. You don’t need to take the measure of the width and the curtains with double box pleats are fixed. The depth of the double box pleat is 3” which is 2.5 times fullness.

Curtain Tapes Dubai
Curtain Tapes Dubai
Curtain Tapes Dubai
Curtain Tapes Dubai
Curtain Tapes Dubai

Triple Box Pleat

Trip boxes work like a double box pleat and box pleats curtains are also fixed. The depth of the triple box pleat is 3” which requires 3 times fullness. 

Single Pinch Pleat

The single pleat of curtain tapes in Abu Dhabi is a relaxed heading type and comes with a casual and simple design. These pleats are 4 times deep and normally sewn together to form a pleat. 

Double Pinch Pleat

Double pinch pleats are smart and simple heading sewn together. These pleats are also 4 times deep and normally require 2 times heavier fabric. 

Triple Pinch Pleat

When it comes to triple pinch pleats, they require 2.5 heavy fabrics and normally come with 4” depth pleats. 

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Curtain Tapes Dubai
Curtain Tapes Dubai

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