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How to Block Light Leaking From the Top and Sides of Your Curtains?

The prior reason to add curtains is to block light and have privacy, if they are not functional enough then they are just decorative pieces of cloth. It may be rather unpleasant to have light coming in from the tops or sides of your curtains. For a comfortable sleep & cozy atmosphere, all you need is the best curtains in Dubai that block every pinch of light and make your room warm & comfortable.

But a lot of people are facing problems that curtains are not able to block light & they are always bothered by scorching sun rays. Well, no need to worry about that, like every problem has a solution so is this. Here in this article, you’ll learn about the methods to block light leaking from the top & sides of your curtains. Consider reading this article to know about all methods.

Methods To Block Light Leaking From the Top and Sides of Your Curtains

Block Light Leaking From the Top and Sides of Your Curtains

No window treatment is manufactured to perfectly fit the windows, there are always specific gaps that remain there. Moving your curtains off the windows or spreading them over your windows again leaves a considerable amount of space that allows light to come in.

Reading this article with keen concern can let you know about the best window dressings or other measures that you can take to cover your windows. Have a look!

1. Use Blackout Curtains

Use Blackout Curtains

Before we go on to know details about blackout curtains let me tell you that they aren’t usually black, despite their name. They come in a variety of hues. But the only thing to consider here is that these curtains will significantly aid in the shielding of sunlight. Blackout curtains use a thick curtain to screen out the sun.

It will not only help block the sun’s rays, but it will also keep your house a few degrees cooler in the summer and trap heat in the winter. To put it another way, you save money on your heating and energy bills. Stick to blackout curtains with a single sewn-in loop. Also, make sure you order the proper size!

2. Install a Cornice Board

Cornice Board

One of the worst elements of curtains is that light constantly comes up through the top, regardless of the brand or kind. Light sleepers, such as yourself, will be awoken by that modest quantity of light. If this is the case, a cornice board should be installed.

A cornice board is a decorative cap that covers your drapes. It conceals the light streaming in from the top by covering the curtains and the bar itself. They come in a variety of patterns, giving you plenty of options for finding one that matches your home’s decor. So this can be an easy yet effective method to avoid light leaking from the top of the curtains.

3. Use a Valance

Use a Valance

If you choose the correct sort of valence, it’ll look like a cornice board. A valance is essentially a piece of a curtain that covers the top of the window. You may, however, drape a scarf-style valance over the top. Depending on the thickness of the valence, this will block a portion or all of the light. You may avoid drilling holes in your wall for a cornice board if you use a valance. However, because it may be difficult to make a valance seem natural hanging over the top of your curtains, your options are much more restricted. But adding a valence will surely help you with blocking light.

4. Go For Wrapping Around Curtain Rod

Wrapping Around Curtain Rod

No matter which type of curtains you are using, an easy way to stop light leaking from the top of the curtains is to wrap your curtains around the rod & then let it flow over the window. This way you don’t need to add any other accessories. Your curtains will cover your windows from top to bottom blocking every single ray of light.

5. Use Magnetic Tape

Magnetic Tape to Block Light

Here is another effective method to Block Light Leaking From the Top and Sides of Your Curtains. An effective accessory is available at certain stores to fix curtains perfectly. This magnetic tape is best to use on your curtains to fix the edges of the curtains.

It is a thin strip that can be glued down to enhance the functionality of your curtains. You can attach two or more curtains with this. Use super glue & magnetic tape, attach to your curtains and enjoy your calm & cozy atmosphere.

6. Pair Your Curtains With Blinds

Pair Curtains With Blinds

Curtains alone may not be enough to block out the light. You can opt for pairing two of your window-dressing for blocking out light. Curtains & blinds can combine installed on your windows for enhancing the functionality & blocking light from the top & sides of the windows.

7. Choose To Install Privacy Film

Choose To Install Privacy Film

A privacy film is one of the most efficient options for integrating much-needed functionality. You can go for adding privacy film to Block Light Leaking From the Top and Sides of Your Curtains. it can serve you in two ways: one for blocking light & other they help you in having extreme privacy.

These privacy films are made up of mesh-like material that is intended to be used for enhancing privacy & blocking light rays while maintaining the esthetic appeal of the windows.

8. Try To Use Tin Foil

This can be a bit of a weird option, but considering this will take you out of this option. However, if you are creative enough to decorate things then you can effectively use the tin foil to enhance the look of your windows & also can block light from entering your space. It is a perfectly opaque option and doesn’t let any of the light beams enter your space. You can consider using painter’s tape to avoid any issue of tape sticking to your windows.

Bottom Line

So for your query about Block Light Leaking From the Top and Sides of Your Curtains, the above-mentioned methods can help you in reducing or even blocking every ray of light. You can opt for your desired & feasible option to cover your windows. offer your high-end blackout curtains and blinds in Dubai to meet all your privacy and light-blocking needs. However, you can use any of the above methods to make your curtain block light from entering your space. Consider using the easy & efficient one to have a comfortable atmosphere!

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