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How To Fix Curtain Tracks and Rails?

Having the best curtains is not all you need. The perfect look of curtains matters a lot. The complete look of curtains entirely depends on their functionality & they can only perform functionally when they are properly installed.

With a lot of other accessories, the essential curtains, track & rails are very much important. If these are not properly installed, then you can’t get the perfect shape of the Window Curtains. We all know that for the perfect functionality of curtains, they need to be professionally & perfectly installed.

As a responsible person, you must be looking for a guide on how to fix curtains tracks, rods & rails, well this is so, then we are here to help. Reading this article will let you know about the best step-by-step guide to fixing curtain tracks & rails for the perfect functionality of curtains.

Step-by-step Guide To Fix Curtain Tracks and Rails

Guide To Fix Curtain Tracks and Rails

Knowing how to fix curtain tracks & rails is a vital part of any new curtain installation. It may appear to be an arduous task to do, but it can be easier just with a few skills & proper attention.

Apart from that, you need to know about the best tools & proper techniques that you’ll need for accurate installation of curtains, tracks & rails. Reading this article will let you know about all types of tools, effective techniques & easy methods to do that. Let’s start with the process!

Gather The Tool, You Need During The Process

  • A metal tape to measure
  • Pencil
  • Plumb line (or string)
  • Drill Machine
  • Screwdriver
  • Dust Sheet
  • Step ladder
  • Hacksaw or pipe cutters
  • A handful of nails and screws

Step 1: Prepare Yourself For The Process

Material For Installation Of Curtains Track

You should ensure that everything that is required to install curtain track & rails is present, as it’ll be extremely inconvenient to have to interrupt a work midway. Or you need to run to the DIY store for anything during the process.

You need to install your brackets, and make sure it’s level. Then you need to attach the tracks once you’ve got your dimensions and location correct. Let’s start with the process.

Step 2: Measure The Positioning

Measuring Curtain Tracks and Rails

If you don’t want to put the tracks on the window recess or you don’t want to install curtains under the window, then go the other way. You must consider placing a track on the wall about 10 – 15cm. Make sure to keep it above the horizontal edge of the window recess & it should be halfway between the ceiling and the recess.

Moreover, if you have a high ceiling or you are considering installing specific ready-made curtain lengths, then there is a bit more to do. You must take the time to work out the perfect fixing height of the brackets so your curtains hang perfectly. Perfect positioning will make your curtains look great and perfectly hung!

Step 3: Install The Holding Brackets

Installing The Holding Brackets

So, you are done with the positioning of the track, then you have to attach the holding brackets. Keep the brackets positioned about 15cm on either side of the window recess. Before you install and drill, make sure your track is broad enough.

Furthermore, you need to clarify that your bracket should not be vertically aligned or they are not in contact with any pipelines or electrical sockets. Try not to damage the surroundings while drilling.

You also check that if you close the curtains, then your other decorative can be damaged or fall. So while installing brackets, these are the most important considerations that you need to know before you go.

Step 4: Ensure The Track Is Level

Ensuring Curtains Track Is Level

Run the string from one height mark to another, hold it in place with two thorns, and make sure it is level when you install the bar and rail. Make sure the laces are at eye level and pulled back through the window to ensure that there is a relationship between the fillet or ceiling and the window floor.

If the strings are not horizontal, move one side of the strings up or down. You can use a spirit level, but the rails should not be perfectly horizontal and should be balanced against windows and ceilings.

Step 5: Mark The Holes

Mark The Curtains Track Holes

Then use a string to accurately measure and mark the wall between the two outer bracket marks to ensure that the brackets are properly aligned. This will accurately mark the central bracket.

If you are installing curtain rails with many brackets, make sure they are evenly spaced across the width of the rail and use strings to make sure everything is properly aligned. increase. Drill the holes for dowels and screws using the drill bit and attach the bracket to the wall or niche according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

In The End!

So this is an effective guide on how to fix curtain tracks & rails, you can follow these steps to install each of the curtain tracks properly. It is not a difficult task, all you have to do is to be careful & attentive. Just take the perfect measurement, follow the precautions & start the process. I am sure you’ll enjoy doing it.

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