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How to Hang Blackout Curtains On a Bay Window?

Hanging window curtains is not an arduous task as it comprises just a few easy steps, but installing curtains on a bay window can be tricky. A bay window needs a lot of work to do. You need to find exceptional size curtain rods, and curtain rails, or even need more curtains. Only a curtain is not enough for it.

According to home architectural design, a bay window is long and mostly made on the outer side, like a terrace or balcony. To cover these windows, you surely need the best curtains that block damaging outside elements like UV rays, dust, and debris & also offer your privacy when you need them.

To fulfill all your needs, you can have effective & efficient blackout curtains. With that concern, we’ll discuss how to hang blackout curtains on a bay window & the easiest methods to do that.

Step-by-step Guide To Hang Blackout Curtains On A Bay Window

Hang Blackout Curtains On A Bay Window

To install blackout curtains, you require three separate curtain rods to install curtains on each one. You can go with one large curtain, but this will create a mess when you need to open and close these curtains. So, it is better to use three different curtains.

Considering the style of your bay window, you can opt for different styles to hang blackout curtains on a bay window. We’ll go through the simplest method to install curtains on your exceptional-sized window. Let’s start with the process!

Step #1 Gather The Required Material

Required Material To Hang Curtains

  • Multiple Rods ( 2 or 3)
  • Brackets
  • Nails & Screws
  • Hammer
  • Drilling Machine
  • Curtains Hooks
  • Curtain Rod Rings
  • Your Required Curtains (Blackout curtains)

Step #2 Take Measurements

Take Measurements

After you have collected all the instruments you need to start with the process. The first & foremost thing that you need to do is to take measurements.

Start with one corner of the window, carefully measure each edge, and note the numbers. Measure each curve of the window. When you have taken all the estimations, take the curtain rods according to the measurements.

Step #3 Install The Brackets & Rods

Install The Brackets & Rods

Measurements are necessary & after all the estimations, you need to install brackets. For that, leave a fine distance between the window & bracket. It must be 4 to 5 inches above & 6,7 inches aside from the window. For a bay window, you don’t have to install only two brackets, instead install the curtain rod brackets at every ending or curvy edge of the wall.

This will help you in fixing your wall comfortably & accurately. Fix them properly with the help of nails & screws, ensuring they can bear the weight of the curtain rods. After taking the rods & check if they fit properly in the brackets or not. Make sure the rods must be with curtain rod rings.

Step #4 Prepare Your Curtains (Attach hooks)

Prepare Your Curtains (Attach hooks)


For the bay window curtains, you can just install your curtains on the curtain rod & attach them to the window. As you frequently need to open closed curtains, for that purpose, we recommend you use curtain hooks that can be further adjusted in curtain rod rings, making the proper functionality of curtains.

So at the header of your curtains, you need to attach curtain hooks pointing outside to fix the curtain rod rings. Try to attach each hook with a difference of almost 3, or 4 fingers that can also make curves & allow your curtains to form layers.

Step #5 Attach Your Curtains To Curtains Rod (Attach hooks)

Attach Your Curtains To Curtains Rod

After you have attached your curtain hooks, you need to hang them with the curtain rod rings. Do it before you install rods to the brackets. Attach the rings & hooks periodically. Make sure they make perfect layers.

With the rings, it will be convenient for you to open and close your curtain perfectly. They can easily move through your window without creating a mess. Be sure to use long curtains that give your windows a perfect look.

Step #6 Fix Rods To The Brackets

Fix Rods To The Bracket

Now you have done everything you need to install your curtain rods to the brackets. Be very careful to fix the rods properly in order to avoid any mishap.

Your curtain rods must endure enough to bear the weight of the curtains. If the rods are properly installed, your curtains will look perfect on your bay windows.

Things To Consider

A bay window is much harder to handle than a simple window, as it requires a lot of measurements and installations. Be very careful while doing this. The most important thing to consider is the quality of accessories you are using, like your curtains brackets, rods, hooks, or rings, which must be of premium quality to endure the weight of blackout curtains.

These curtains concerning their perfect functionalities carry a lot of weight. That’s why they require durable accessories to be used for them.

On the off chance, that you find the entire process difficult for you, then you can get help from professionals at We have a qualified team of professionals who are great at working with exceptional-sized windows & installing curtains properly.

Final Words!

So, for your query “How to hang blackout curtains on a bay window”, we have listed the easiest method. You can do it yourself. All you need is a bit of expertise & knowledge about the perfect tools and techniques.

Once you have done it with proper attention, you can have a great-looking bay window. With our mentioned steps you’ll be happy to use your curtains, as you can easily open and close them as per your needs. Let us know in the comments if you like our step-by-step guide & also mention if you want to ask anything else regarding this!

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