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How Do I Make Blinds Safe For Children?

Having young childrens at home makes you a bit more conscious about different things. You always try to make sure that the kids are safe and secure in any way whether playing, sleeping, or doing anything else. From the day your child starts taking a step or toddle around, you automatically try to make some necessary precautionary measures to keep the thing out of their reach or to keep the surroundings safe and secure.

This may include locking cupboards, covering your switchboards, putting up baby gates, or anchoring furniture in order to prevent any mishap. The most crucial thing you must be looking to know is “How Do I Make Blinds Safe For Children?”.

Well, yes window blinds are one of the biggest reasons that are being observed in several preceding years to harm younger children. This is because the child may get tangled in the cords or strings in the course of playing with them and get injured. Reading this article will make you do more safe settings to avoid any damage from the window blinds.

Precautionary Measure To Make Blinds Safe For Children

Precautionary Measure To Make Blinds Safe For Children

When it comes to kid safety, your window blinds, curtains Dubai, and shades that offer a lovely addition to your house are a critical and sometimes ignored area. Blinds, drapes, and shades, especially in children’s rooms and play areas, should be adequately child-proofed or updated to cordless choices at the same time as you’re attaching furniture to the walls and putting in those tiny plastic outlet covers.

Choose from a broad range of innovative and fashionable window coverings at, all of which are created with kid safety in mind. Curtains & Blinds aren’t normally the first thing that comes to mind when most parents think of baby-proofing their home, yet one omission might lead to a devastating accident.

So, in order to make you aware of those important precautions, we’ve put up a list of basic options to make blinds safe for children. Let’s get this party started!

1. Opt for Fixed In Window Cords


The simplest option that you can opt for is to fix window cords. This actually means you can lock the base of the cord and screw it down. You can permanently fix the lock so that if your children try to stretch the cord it’ll not loosen up and your child will not get harmed with this.

This is a great way to make blinds safe for children and prevent the cords from tangling freely and will surely avoid any hazard of having it rolled around your child.

2. You Can Also Go For Having Cordless Blinds

You Can Also Go For Having Cordless Blinds

The blinds industry is also moving ahead to innovate the blinds that must be safe to use. In regard to this, now there are available cordless blinds that are best to use. Having blinds with no cords is a great choice in several ways, one of which is safe for children. These blinds are technically designed to work on the spring system and slightly tug downwards.

This will make the blinds work according to your need when you want to open your blinds. To close the blinds there is a single small cord at the side. This cord reduces the chances of choking. Due to the simple and release mechanism, the blinds don’t have an upward pull that may result in strangulation. So, if you want to make blinds safe for children, you can opt for these blinds and make your home safe for your kids.

3. Motorized Your Blinds


With the more advanced parameters, the industry is making great advancements to make the consumers’ life easier. Motorized blinds are one of the classic inventions in the window dressing industry that are serving many homeowners with a lot of beneficial features. These blinds have made life much easier and homes much smarter than ever.

In order to make blinds safe for children, opting for motorized blinds is greatly the perfect decision to make. These blinds actually work on the point & Click system. Just with the other electrical appliances now you can also operate your blinds with remote control, mobile app, or even voice commands. These blinds are by far the safest option to be used for making the surroundings safe for your kids.

4. Outdoor Roller Shades Protection

Outdoor Roller Shades Protection

Another exclusive way to take precautionary measures is to make blinds safe for children. Outdoor roller shades are a great way to go. These blinds are available with the side wind guide cable. Make sure to wrap that cable properly. These cables are basically directed to protect the shades from weather changes like harsh weather circumstances.

Available at the back of the blinds these cables are attached to the ground to experience more enhanced protection. Although these cables may harm your kid if they try to grab the cable. It might be possible that their hands and palms may get cut. All you have to do is to cover those cables with the PVC then your children will be safe from getting hurt.

5. Go For Environment Safe Curtain Fabric


Last but not least, if you don’t feel comfortable going for blinds and you think after several precautions there is still a chance that your kids may get hurt. You can go another way, use curtains. Curtains are not subjected to harm to your kids in any way. They are safe and sufficient to offer you much privacy.

Be very sure to check the fabric of the curtains that must be durable and guaranteed. The fabric must be manufactured with human-safe material and doesn’t contain any type of toxin that may harm your kid. It’s been seen that there are some fabrics that release allergic toxins that may harm people around.

So, before you purchase your curtains you must ask if the fabric is certified and tested. If they satisfy you with everything you need then you can go for buying curtains. Once you install curtains with the safe fabric you can rest assured. your children are safe now.

Discussion Wrap Up!

The above-mentioned ways to make blinds safe for children will surely help you. Consider reading the article carefully and try hard to provide your toddler or younger kids a safe environment to stay, play and move around to explore new things.

Hope the above-mentioned information will help you in this regard, we’ll love to know in the comment section!

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