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Blinds For Your Home Nursery – The Dos and Don’ts

Kids are really innocent creatures and need an extra comfortable environment to take rest, sleep and even play. If you are considering decorating your fairy’s or prince’s room then you need to be very careful when gathering multiple things.

Well, to provide them with a comfortable environment the most critical thing to choose is the window dressing. With the modern trends, blinds Dubai are the prior choice for nurseries. So, you must opt for them too. But, the blinds for your home nursery are not exactly like the common window blinds.

You must have to be very careful when choosing the blinds. There are some considerable do’s and don’t that you need to follow for choosing nursery blinds. Let’s get to know what those do and don’ts.

Top Do’s While Designing Nursery Window Treatments

Designing Nursery Window Treatments

Choosing the blinds for the nursery is the best way to enhance the window dressing option. Nowadays, blinds are available in wide varieties in terms of functionality, design & styles.

In fact, blinds are also great for reducing energy bills by offering an insulated atmosphere inside the room. You can keep the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Here we’ll consider adding some considerable do’s that you need to follow while installing nursery blinds.

1. Do Consider Blinds For Small Areas

As blinds are a perfect fit window dressing option. They don’t require a lot of space to run over the window-like curtains. But in small rooms, if you consider adding Window curtains then it’ll make your room look messy and cluttered. Whereas, blinds just attach over the window to perform the required functionality without creating a mess.

2. Do Consider Similar Styles 

Window dressing for the same room requires uniformity. While choosing the design style and color of the blinds you must consider the connection. Each blind should be of the same style, color, and pattern for every window. They should blend with the overall decor and make a cohesive look. These textures should be smooth and simple.

3. Do Consider Going Green 

Green always feels soothing and refreshing. Designing an eco-friendly nursery is great for your kid. These green or nature-friendly window dressing are not harmful.

They especially chemically treat materials and integrate a healthy environment at your place. These window blinds include natural shades or real wood blinds for your nursery windows.

4. Do Consider Safety 

Safety should be your first priority, especially for your kids. There are some blinds available with long and exposed cords, which are dangerous to install on nursery windows as they can harm your kids. So, you must consider cordless blinds or motorized ones that are perfectly safe to add to the kids’ room.

5. Do Keep Your Space Cool 

Of Course, blinds are good for thermal insulation. Nowadays, blackout blinds are perfectly heat-reflecting, & UV-blocking window dressing options. If you consider installing the best blind in your kid’s nursery they can keep the atmosphere cool and comfy and help your kid to have a comfortable nap during the afternoon.

There are available cellular honeycomb blinds or shades that are perfect for insulation. They keep the place warm in winters and cool in summer. This way these blinds also help you in reducing your energy bills.

6. Make Sure Your Window Coverings Are Properly Measured And Installed (Do It)

This is important, measure your windows with perfect estimation. Taking accurate measurements will help you get a perfect fit window dressing to cover your windows. Do make sure to install these perfect window-dressing accurately on your windows.

It’ll be dangerous for your child’s your window dressing is not properly installed and falls due to improper installation. In order to avoid this issue make sure to attach window coverings perfectly.

7. Do Combine Window Treatments 

This is basically the new trend. You can combine custom-made shades or blinds to enhance the look of windows. This way you can also create a perfect acoustic, safe and private atmosphere for your kids.

This is actually the best way to give you a sleek, sophisticated & Elegant look. shed and sophisticated look. You can also go for valances that soften the look of the room and add some extra touch of style, texture, or color.

Do Combine Window Treatments

Top Don’ts While Designing Nursery Window Treatments

Well, especially for designing a nursery, you need some extra care and concern to create a comfortable space for your kid. So, along with the much-needed considerations to follow there are some considerable don’ts that you need to know. Let’s have a look!

1. Don’t Keep The Blinds In Approach

Selecting blinds for nurseries can be difficult as you need to pay very much attention to length. As when the kids move around they can touch the window dressing. So it is better to keep them simple, short, and out of reach of kids.

2. Don’t Use Blinds With Cords

The blinds with cords can harm kids, as the string can be pulled down. It’s better to go for cordless blinds to keep your kids secure.

3. Don’t Save Your Blinds For Last 

While choosing blinds for windows, always try to choose the color, texture, and patterns first. This way you can choose the best blending room decor and give a cohesive look to your decor.

In The End!

Regardless of place, blinds are essential for every space to enhance beauty and offer a lot of advantages.

While nurseries are just like a separate world for your kid to sit, play and sleep in, choosing the most comfortable blinds for nursery will make your kid comfortable with their environment and allow them to stay freely.

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