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Which Blinds Are Best For Large Windows? Window Covering Guide 2023

With the modern home decor trends & recent architectural home designs nowadays, large or wider windows are in. Without any doubt, a large window adds value to your space and increases the aesthetic appeal. Everyone surely loves to have a wider glass window which allows a more amount of light to come in and makes your space more spacious.

Looking for Which Blinds Are Best For Large Windows? These window blinds also allow you to see a complete outside view right from your place. Apart from this, when it comes to covering those large windows, it’s quite hard to find the perfect window dressing. You Definitely don’t love to keep your large windows bare 24/7.

There are times when this transparent medium must be covered for personal privacy. In order to get that privacy, you must be aware of “ Which blinds are best for large windows?”. You can check out the varieties of Blinds available at Selectblinds.ae with accurate measurements & at affordable rates.

Let’s Checkout Which Blinds Are Best For Large Windows

Which Blinds Are Best For Large Windows

Considering the large windows, no matter if they are extra wide, extra tall, or considerable medium size. Each one has its own outlook with appealing features. You can probably have unique angles to look at the outside world. When it comes to blinds, the situation is the same.

There are a host of appealing blinds available for large windows but they are differently designed in terms of style, design, outlook, functionality, and practicality. Not every type of blind suits every window. You have to keep certain factors in consideration to check which blinds are best for large windows.

In this article, we’ll explain different available types of window blinds along with their functionality, manufacturing structure, and technical features. You’ll surely get the idea about the best blinds for large windows. Let’s have a look!

Vertical Blinds


If you have windows that are too broad, tall, or lofty, such as patios or you have floor-to-ceiling windows, vertical blinds are a fantastic option. These blinds are low weight and flexible. You can easily move the louvers to nearly any angle or you can regulate the degree of privacy and shading.

These blinds are pretty much easy to clean. The best thing about these blinds is that they can be pulled from both sides. They don’t require much space to open or cleanse. You just need to move the slats when you need to have light inside.

They’re excellent for creating a trendy modern look because of their sleek contemporary lines. You can get these blinds in a large choice of sumptuous fabric patterns and designs.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

In many cases, roller blinds, especially blackout blinds, are also effective. These are the most commonly used window blinds, especially for large windows blinds. these blinds are most commonly designed with fabric. These fabrics are approximately 3 meters in width and wider for the standard-size windows.

For the window having vertical mullions or dividing bars, one can opt for window roller blinds. These blinds are available in a variety of options. They’re a wonderful choice when a lengthy cover for windows is necessary. You can easily roll up these blinds to have a complete view of the outside world.

These exclusively designed roller blinds with considerably extra width are manufactured with smoother sidewinder control & a high text aluminum tube. Both of these materials are lightweight and sturdy. They can last for a long time. Using roller blinds can also make you comfortable with the mechanism to use.

Venetian Blinds


Venetian blinds, whether made of aluminum, real wood, or fake wood have rotatable horizontal slats that regulate heat, light, and privacy. They are strong & sturdy to be used across large areas. These blinds are difficult to raise when they get exceedingly wide, especially big wooden blinds.

Another consideration, especially for large windows, is the height of the stacked slats when the blind is lifted. While fitting the blinds be very sure to leave a considerable space above the windows. Leaving this area will make the functionality of the blind easy.

If these blinds aren’t used frequently or you don’t open and close them on a daily basis then you can also use them as perfect decorative items. Especially with such a wide range of lovely colors and finishes to select from, you can choose the most desirable option that will perfectly match your interior stylistic theme.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds have a softer, more luxurious appearance and feel. These blinds are best for large windows as they are available in considerable sizes that can fit perfectly to your windows.

You can also use these blinds for your home’s bay windows. One thing you must know about is that when these blinds are completely spread over the window then it’s quite hard to operate them.

These window dressings are opulent and the thermal lining of these windows keeps your place warm and insulated.

Faux Wood Blinds


Faux Wood Blinds are a classic and warm window treatment. These classic window blinds are perfect to be installed on large windows. They accurately work in harsh conditions such as dampness, moisture, or heat. Faux wood blinds are resistant to wear and tear and color fading.

The 3 in 1 headrail gives a consistent, smooth aspect to a space when used with a wall of windows. This way they enable the eyes to rest and admire the beauty of the design.

Furthermore, they are a cost-effective yet elegant accent to large windows. Faux wooden blinds will never let you down when it comes to showcasing your wide-open windows because they have global appeal.

In The End!

Which blinds are best for large windows, we have listed the top trending blinds in 2024 used for large windows. When it comes to decorating broad and larger windows, there are a variety of fantastic alternatives you can choose from.

The best window dressing can be found up to your preferences. Based on your style, decoration needs, and desirable size you can choose the window blind for you.

Set your preferences and find which window blinds are best for your windows!

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