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How To Hang Pocket Rod Curtains With A Pin Hook Properly

Curtains with the increasing demands are available in a variety of designs, styles, sizes & colors. Not only this you can also choose to hang pocket rod curtains with A Pin Hook effectively in a number of different ways.

Like you can have eyelet curtains (easy to hang), grommet curtains, tab top, tie top, or the best one-pinch pleat curtains. Every style has its own grace and is capable of transforming your space with effective grace & elegance. With all other types, a trending rod pocket curtain is commonly used. People are actually finding different ways to hang these curtains.

The best is to Hang Pocket Rod Curtains With A Pin Hook, that’s not so difficult but you just need to follow some considerable steps. The professionals at Selectblinds.ae are eagerly capable of hanging these curtains with some interesting tricks. We are here to share those tricks with you to make you comfortable with hanging your pocket rod curtains easily.

Effective Tricks To Hang Pocket Rod Curtains With A Pin Hook

Effective Tricks To Hang Pocket Rod Curtains With A Pin Hook

Hanging your Pocket rod curtains can be a DIY project if you consider reading these steps with keen interest. These curtains are the easiest curtains to sew and hanging them is more convenient.

In the category of homemade curtains, these curtains are the trendiest ones. You just need to hang these curtains properly and upgrade the look of your home. Let’s check out the tricks To Hang Pocket Rod Curtains With A Pin Hook.

Gather The Supplies You Need

  • Tape measure
  • Gathering pleat tape
  • Scissors
  • Pins

Now if you have gathered the supplies check out the steps!

Step 1: Measure The Window

The first and foremost step is to take measurements of your windows. This will make you choose the appropriate curtain width. To make your curtains look extremely amazing. Make sure the curtains must be pleated well and have a perfect space to hook up the pins.

Step 2: Find The Pins Hooks

Find The Pins Hooks

At any drapery store, you can find these pins hooks. Be sure to get the pin hooks that are of perfect shape & Size. Having a pin hook that is too pressed or too open can ruin the shape of curtains. So, set every pin hook before attaching them to curtains.

Step 3: Mark The Perfect Spacing For The Pin Hooks

A properly spaced pin would surely enhance the look of your curtains. Here is an effective trick to mark the perfect spacing: To hang pocket rod curtains with a pin hook. Make sure to get the odd number of pin hooks for your curtains.

Perfect Spacing For The Pin Hooks

You need to attach a pin to the curtain hook to make it pinch pleat. In short, the number of pleats on your curtains determines the number of pins for your curtains. This can be done in either of the two ways.

  • First Way: You already buy curtains with pleats that you just need to attach the pins on them.
  • Second Way: You can mark the curtain with perfect spacing equally to make pleats on the curtains. Along with this, you need to make sure that the overall curtain width should match the width of the curtains. Only then the curtains will look perfect on the window.

Step 4: Insert The Pin Hook

Insert The Pin Hook in Curtains

Now, it’s time to insert pin hooks. For this consider inserting pins along the seam line at the marked point. If you want to find out how far you should keep the pin hook from the edge then it’s very simple. Just put the pin hook in the screw eye over the ring & then you can keep the bottom of the ring to the top of the heading.

You must mark the bottom of the pin with a pen. In this way, it’ll be easy for you to locate the pin hook & you can easily adjust the hook in the pleat. For other pins measure the distance from the top edge and keep inserting the pin hooks.

Step 5: Hang The Curtain Over The Rod

Hang The Curtain Over The Rod

After you have done inserting pin hooks, you can hang your curtains on the curtains rod. Insert all the rings on the rod and attach the rod back. Set up the distance and check if the pleats look good.

Take Some Extra Tips

  1. Make sure to have some extra width of the curtains before you make pleats on the curtains. In short, your curtains should be ruffled, not flat. If the width of your curtains is exactly up to the width of windows then you cannot make pleats and curtains won’t look good.
  2. The fabric of the curtains must be a bit lighter because the heavier fabric can hardly stand up the pleats and can give a perfect look to pocket rod curtains.
  3. You cannot have an accurate look if the length of the curtain is less than to fit the window’s length. Make sure to have curtains with a considerable length. This way your curtains will look great.
  4. Hang your curtains above the window for an accurate & more precise look.
  5. Try to get a bit longer curtain rod, this will create a sense of width showing a whole window & also provide the best visual appeal.

To Wrap Up!

To hang pocket rod curtains with a pin hook properly seems a bit daunting but we have listed the easiest tricks that you can follow. These tricks will surely make your process easy and you’ll end up effectively hanging your curtains.

We have listed these steps with some extra tips to make you comfortable with the whole process and to have a classic look at curtains. However, if you still find it difficult for you then you can contact Pros to assist you with the perfect curtain installation process.

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