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How To Put Magnetic Tape On Curtains?

No matter if it’s hot or cold, you need to cover your windows perfectly. Well, to fix curtains properly on windows, there’s an effective way to put magnetic tape on curtains. By fixing magnetic tape on curtains, you make your windows secure & safe.

Adding magnetic tape to your curtains can be a DIY project. You can do it so easily. All you have to do is to gather all the required things and do the process with proper attention. Here in this article, we’ll go through the easy process explained step by step. You’ll know each & everything to put magnetic tape on Window curtains.

Step By Step Guide To Put Magnetic Tape On Curtains

Guide To Put Magnetic Tape On Curtains

Installing magnetic tape on curtains doesn’t require a lot of effort. You can do it comfortably & calmly. Right before you start the process, you need to measure the weight, size & material of the curtains. All these considerations can make it easy for you to buy the best magnetic tape.

So, when you have done all these considerations, then you can start with the process. However, the time taken can be determined by the number of curtains you have. Let’s check out how to put magnetic tape on curtains!

Gather The Essentials (Materials)

  • Magnetic tape needed to secure the curtains
  • The measuring tape is required to measure the length of the sides of the curtain that you need to secure.
  • The pencil needed to mark the placement of the magnetic tape to the curtains.
  • Curtains you need to attach magnetic tape.
  • You need Super Glue to secure the magnetic tape in place.

Let’s start with the steps to put magnetic tape on curtains.

Step #1: Get Your Curtains To Need To Secure

Get Your Curtains To Need To Secure

The first & foremost thing that you need to consider is the curtains for your windows. Whether you already have one or need to purchase new, get the curtains.

Make sure to choose the right fabric that can properly attach to the magnetic tape. After that take the curtains & lay them on the floor. Make it flat for the perfect measurement of magnetic tape.

Step #2: Check out The Proper Side Of The Curtains

Check out The Proper Side Of The Curtains

After you have done taking the curtains & laying them on the floor, you now need to decide on which sides of the curtains a magnetic tape should be attached.

Determining the accurate side of the curtains will make the process easy and comfortable. It will also reduce the chances of any mistake. You can find the right side of the curtains by carefully looking at the print of the fabric.

Step #3: Mark Each Side With Measuring Tape And Pencil

Mark Each Side With Measuring Tape And Pencil

So, when you have found the right size of the curtains, you have to mark your curtains with a pencil or chalk for the proper attachment of magnetic tape.

Lay your curtains properly on the floor, using the measuring tape for measuring the alignment & mark each side with visible marks. This can help you to properly attach your magnetic tape. Perfect estimations will lead you to accurately fix curtains on your windows with the help of tape.

Step #4: Use Super Glue For Securing Magnetic Tape

Use Super Glue For Securing Magnetic Tape

The adhesive that is attached by default on the magnetic tape is not so reliable to keep your curtains glued to your windows properly. In order to ensure the secure attachment of magnetic tape to your curtains, you need to use super glue that can make your magnetic tape stick to your curtains properly.

So before you attach your tape to your curtains, spread the glue on magnetic tape, attach it to the curtains & let it dry. Make sure to place the magnets inside your curtains.

On the off chance, if you don’t have super glue, then never leave your magnetic tape unattended. Let us tell you an alternative that is quite easy to use. A needle & a thread can make your curtains secure.

You can sew the magnetic tape with the curtains & you can also use some extra pieces of cloth to make pockets for the magnets. Be careful to sew it properly, and don’t forget to use the thread that blends with the color of curtains. An unmatched thread can ruin the overall look of the curtains.

Step #5: Hang Them Back In Their Place Using The Magnets

Hang Them Back In Their Place Using The Magnets

Now, when you have done your process to put magnetic tape on curtains, you need to attach your curtains back to the windows. Fix the curtains properly to cover your windows. The magnets will help you to attach the curtains accurately and give your windows a perfect look.

Point To Consider!

It can take anywhere from an hour to an entire afternoon to complete this process. Make sure you plan ahead of time and have enough materials on is really important to complete this process with keen interest.

It’s worth noting that, depending on the fabric of your curtain, immediately putting superglue on it may cause it to warp. Directly using super glue can harm your curtains too For individuals who desire a more distinct end product, the needle and thread alternative is appropriate.

Return the curtains to their original position and test the magnetic tape!
Before going out to find the best curtains, measure the length of the curtain that will be covered with magnetic tape. This will save you time, money, and effort because you will be guided by the curtain measurements.

Discussion Wrap Up!

So, related to your query on how to put magnetic tape on curtains, we have listed our worthy step-by-step guide. Fixing magnetic tape on your curtains is an easy task. All you have to do is to follow the step, ensuring that each step is done properly.

It can be a time taking process, but once it is done with the proper concern, you can have perfectly fixed curtains blocking every ray of light and offering you great privacy. If you things it’s quite daunting for you, then you can also get help from professionals at, they can do it perfectly for you.

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