12 Brilliant Ways To Hang Curtains Without A Rod

For those who are thinking of moving from one home to another, there is a lot to move with. And stepping into a new place requires a lot of things to get settled. Well, after you are done with setting the furniture the next one comes your online curtains.

If in hurry to make a move or intentionally you have left your curtain rods to take with you. Now, what do you have to do to hang your curtains? Well, no worries there are some other different ways to hang curtains without a rod.

Check Out The Easy Ways To Hang Curtains Without a Rod

The Most Appealing Ideas to Hang Curtains Without a Rod

Curtain installation & fixing with rods is quite easy but old, traditional, and a permanent way that everyone follows. But for those who love to be integrated about their home decor and add some exceptional effects that can be changed often.

Having said that, we are here with the 12 Unconventional Ways to Hang Curtains Without a Rods. Surely, you’ll love every way and will love to transform your windows by hanging curtains in different ways. Let’s check out!

 Use Hooks

Use Hooks

Using hooks is one of the easy and effective ways to hang curtains without a rod. In fact, there are a number of hooks that are available & you can use them to attach them to your curtains Dubai. You can go looking for self-adhesive curtain hooks at any curtain accessories shop.

To hang your curtains with these hooks, first, you need to measure the distance between the grommets that you have on your curtains. Attach the hooks right on that and you’ll be ready to hang your curtains.

Drawer Pulls


If you are one who loves a bit of traditional home decor, then this one’s for you. Find drawer pulls at any furniture hardware store. These drawer pulls just look like hooks. Find the one with the perfect size of your curtain eyelet hole.

You may find them in any color, size, style, or finish to match the color of your curtains. Moving them across the curtains eyelets, let your curtains hang properly.



For those with country-style home decoration or who want to hang curtains in a western pattern, you can use the rope. To hang curtains without a rod this is the perfect assortment. You just need to select the rope with your desired color and measure the width of the curtains that you want to hang.

So, find a durable and sturdy rope that can easily pass through the eyelets of the curtain. Buy it from any of the nearest hardware stores and be sure to have some extra inches to the actual width. To hang curtains properly you need to tie that rope on the hooks to ensure that curtains look perfect.

Tree Branches


This must be an effective & unique way to hang curtains without a rod. It allows you to add a touch of nature. The good thing to know is that you don’t have to shape the tree branches properly. Just make sure that the branch is strong enough to endure the weight of the curtains.

If your curtains are made up of heavy fabric then you’ll be needing a sturdy branch for them. To use a tree branch as a curtain rod you need to saw off any or small branches attached to it. Further, you’ll be needing brackets on both sides of the window to hang the branch. Make sure to fix it properly for the perfect look of your curtains.

Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment

So, here are the best things, you can’t only match your home decor with the interior but you can also match it with your interest. If you are a sportsman or love to have sports equipment around you then this can be your way to go. There are a number of sports equipment that can replace curtain rods.

Hockey sticks or baseball bats would be a great idea. Find your desired equipment that the curtains can slide over. You can consider fixing a finial at the corner to ensure that curtains don’t slide off.



For simple and nice home decor, you can consider using nails. But remember to use nails for the curtains that are made up of lighter material like shower curtains. Find out the nails that are strong enough to handle the curtain.

Consider marking a straight line to fix nails onto the wall. Once it is done you can hang your curtains and set them to create a ripple effect. This way to hang curtains without a rod is simple & straight.

Copper Pipes


Not so different from curtain rods, but adds uniqueness to your home decor. These copper pipes add a simple touch of elegance & make your decor simple and effective. From any home decor store you can get these copper pipes, also consider finding the perfect brackets to hang your curtains properly.

You can pass the pipe from the curtain’s eyelets and fix it on the bracket. Moreover, you can also add drawer pulls or doorknobs as finials at the end of the pipe to give a more classy look.

Upholstery Tacks


If you don’t want to ruin your walls with drill holes but also want to hang your curtains perfectly then you can opt for using upholstery tacks. Hanging your curtains with these tracks won’t allow you to pull the curtains open, but you can use tiebacks & stick the curtains to the wall by using these upholstery tacks.

Command Hooks


Another effective accessory that you can use to hang curtains without a rod is command hooks. These hooks are normally used to hang pictures & other decorative items to the wall without any drilling.

These are very easy to use and you can hang your curtains perfectly with them. You can use multiple hooks to hang your curtains to the wall. The good thing to mention is that you can easily remove them from the wall, they don’t leave any mark behind.



The use of heavy gauge wire for hanging curtains can be a great alternative. This is another easy, quick & affordable method to hang your curtains without a rod. All you need is wire & two brackets to attach on both sides to wrap the wire. This will ensure that your curtains are hung properly.



Yet another interesting way to hang your curtains properly with an appealing look. It is a more natural and simple way that you can adopt to hang your curtains. It is quite simple to put into the place. Hang your lighter curtains with this and you can use a measuring tape to tie your curtains back to allow light to come in.

Plastic Animals


There are a variety of plastic animals available in the market with hooks that can be used to hold things. You can use them to hang your curtains. Stick them to the wall and consider hanging your curtains on the wall. They will also give an exceptional look to your home decor.

In The End!

If in any way you don’t have curtain rods or don’t want to use curtain rods, then the above-mentioned 12 Unconventional Ways to Hang Curtains Without a Rod are for you. Use any of the desired ones & go exceptional with your perfect curtains hanging style!

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