Motorized Blinds Vs Manual Blinds – A Detailed Comparison

Window dressings are the ultimate need for every home. For having seclusion in your life or adding barriers between your internal space and the outside environment you need to dress up your windows well. Considering the options for window dressing you have several choices like motorized curtains, shades, panels, or blinds. Today, in this article we are going to discuss motorized blinds vs manual blinds.

Among all the mentioned window dressing options, blinds are considered to be the most appealing, attractive, and functional window treatments. The recent living demands not only limit till privacy needs that you just put a piece of fabric on your window and it’s done. Currently, with the latest trends window treatment needs to be functional, practical, and appealing enough to boost up the overall decor of your home. In this article, we’ll discuss the two types of blinds Motorized vs. manual Blinds.

Know About Motorized Blinds Vs Manual Blinds

Know About Motorized Blinds Vs Manual Blinds

The main difference between Motorized blinds vs manual blinds. Motorized blinds are operated using an electric motor, allowing for remote control and automation, while manual blinds require hand-operated cords or wands for adjusting the blinds.

On the other hand, motorized or electric blinds are raised up and lowered down by just a button. Blinds serve as the ultimate choice for windows for all the designing, decorating, and operation needs.

Whereas, window blinds are also classified among the host of options based on style, design, outlook, and functionality. The story starts with the manual blinds which are the root idea of dressing up your windows with perfect-fit window treatments.

But as the technological boost affects every aspect of your life, so is with blinds. Now a great technological transformation has come up that is motorized blinds. However, people are not very knowledgeable about these trending motorized blinds and their operating processes.

People still hesitate to decide whether they switch to technological innovation ( motorized blinds) or just keep their windows covered with manual blinds. so, in order to help you make an informed decision, we have come up with a detailed comparison based on all facts and figures related to Motorized Blinds vs. manual Blinds.

We have divided the battle of Automatic Blinds vs. manual Blinds into different categories. Let’s find out who’s the winner, Let’s Go!


Everyone is searching for a way to get convenience, here is how you can make yourself comfortable with the blinds or which blinds are convenient to use.

And nobody wants to do much effort regularly. That’s the reason people opt for more convenient solutions.

To assist you with this great invention, motorized blinds are the best way to go. With the perfect mechanism to properly synchronize the working of overall windows, these are the most trending blinds. For all your needs from functionality to practicality to enhancing the aesthetic appeal, motorized blinds are great.

Modern home architecture is designed with exceptional sizes of windows and those windows are also hard to reach. Motorized window blinds are perfect for those windows. These blinds offer the ultimate convenience to operate with remote control, mobile app, or voice commands. So you don’t have to get worried about raising and lowering the blinds.

Better UV Protection


Due to damage to the Ozone layer, the sun rays ( UV-RAYS) are now more toxic. As they enter your home your worthy furniture pieces are susceptible to being damaged by sun rays.

Manual blinds are not very durable and fit properly to block every single ray that may be harmful to your interior assortments. You can easily get rid of this issue by simply installing perfectly fit electric blinds on your windows.

Baby/ Child Proofing

Manual blinds normally come with cords or strings that are actually dangerous to install in the home, if you have kids or pets. With the wrong stretch, they can harm your kids & pets.

However, this is not the case with motorized blinds that are free on cords. With the motorization facility, they are the perfect blinds for your home.

Positioning & Adjustment

Positioning & Adjustment

It’s quite daunting to pull & tug your blind several times for proper adjustment. In fact, after a lot of effort, the blinds adjustment will not satisfy you. For your variable adjustments to stop the sun rays from entering your room while allowing a bit of natural light to come in with half-cover windows the manual blinds will surely irritate you.

No matter if you want to cover the whole window or just want to stop the blinds in between, these blinds are functional enough to work accordingly. In fact, the great thing to know about these shades is that you can set a time or schedule them to raise up and lower the setup time. We know this is really interesting!

Safety Is The Need

Safety Is The Need

Manual blinds don’t have any type of lock system. They can’t protect your home when you are not there & forget to lower your blinds. Whereas your motorized blinds are available with the functionality to be locked up with your windows.

It’ll be great to know that these blinds can be operated from anywhere. On the off chance if you forget to lower your blinds then you can do it right from that place by using a mobile app.


Manual blinds take a lot of time to properly roll over the window and give a proper unity effect. It’ll take a lot of tugs and pulls to equally position these shades.

With the motorized window blinds, you can equally align blinds that will surely enhance the aesthetic of your home.

Multiple Convenient Operating Options

Multiple Convenient Operating Options

Both of these blinds are available with multiple options in terms of portability. They just differ in inconvenience. The manual blinds are available to be operated with cords, string or chains, etc & you‘ll surely need a lot of effort to do so.

Whereas, motorized blinds are available with remote control, a mobile app, or a voice command. Isn’t it the ultimate convenience that everyone wants? Well, of course, these electric blinds are perfect!

Customization Option

Both blinds can be customized up to your preferences. But manual blinds will be manual. The great thing is that motorized blinds can also be personalized to match your home decor. You can choose any color, size, type, style, or design of motorized blinds.

To Conclude!

The list of arguments on Motorized Blinds vs. manual Blinds is almost done. Now you know everything about both of these blind types. In every aspect, motorized blinds overrule manual blinds. Well, they must because the quality, convenience, functionality, and outstanding outlook they provide are perfect for upgrading your home.

And every homeowner needs perfect blinds for their home. These blinds are great for having a smart home. But above all, the decision will be yours, choose what suits your needs and budget.

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