4 Different Ways To Properly Close Window Blinds

Are you struggling to operate your blinds? Are you still stuck between the blinds working? Many people still find it difficult to operate the blinds. As per the recent technological advancements now blinds are available in a variety of design styles and functionality.

To make someone understand the functionality of blinds there are few things to completely bear in mind. So, before we move to know what’s the best way to properly close window blinds, let’s go through those special factors.

Things To Consider Before You Learn How To Properly Close Window Blinds?

Consider opening simple blinds, you just have to pull and twist the cord of the blind. Although, apart from this simple functionality there are some factors that influence the operating functionality of blinds.


Blinds are available in a host of styles. Each blind is designed in a unique style to blend in several interior themes. So as per the distinction in styles, blinds open and close in different ways.

Blinds Outlook

No matter if it is Roman, roller, pleated, horizontal, or Venetian blind. They all differ in their beautiful exclusive outlook.

Weather Condition

Regardless of the blinds’ design and style, it is influenced by the weather. Blinds have to work functionally according to the weather conditions. They should be perfectly workable according to weather, like to keep your room warm in winters and cool in summer,

Mode Of Operation

Recent innovations make the working of blinds different. There are blinds with cords, cordless blinds, strings, or beaded blinds, and the best motorized or electric blinds.

So, these are basically the influencing factors that you should consider before you move to know how to close blinds?. Further, in this article, we’ll learn about the closing criteria for different types of blinds as per the technological innovations.

Learn How To Close Blinds As Per The Technological Classification

Considering the technological boom, there are extreme advancements in every field & so is window dressing. But, blinds are a bit arduous to operate window treatment right from the start.

So, considering the overall journey of blinds mechanism advancement, we’ll look at each type to know what’s the best way to properly close the blinds? Let’s look at the classification of blinds as per the working mechanism!

1. How To Close The Blinds With A Single Cord?

How To Close The Blinds With A Single Cord

When blinds were first created, this was the earliest blinds technology. Everyone will find it tough to comprehend. Let’s have a look at how they operate.

  • To open the shades, pull the rope to the left. Pull the cable across the front of the window.
  • Make sure to pull it at a 45-degree angle while holding it securely in place.
  • To release the blinds, you may need to pull the cord slightly.
  • To close the blind, carefully release the rope. Keep holding the rope to the left side when unlocking the blind. Then gently release the hold to slowly lift it.
  • If you don’t keep the wire to the left, the louvers may become stuck. Slowing down will keep the wire from being tangled in the safety mechanism.
  • To keep the blinds at the same level consider lowering both cord ropes simultaneously.
  • Pull down only one of the two cords to make the level of the blinds again if they become twisted when lowered.
  • Consider pulling the other chord if the two sides become even more unequal.
  • Pull the rope to the right to keep the blinds in place.
  • Once you’ve got the blinds where you want them, tighten the rope to keep them from rising any higher. Then, to lock the blinds in place. Now pull the rope to the right of the window.
  • To ensure that the shades are properly closed, carefully release the cable.

Single chord systems are common in Venetian blinds, mini blinds, pleated shades, macro blinds, and cellular shades.

2. How To Close Blinds With Continuous Cords/ Beads?

How To Close Blinds With Continuous Cords

So, there are some blinds that work with the continuous rods or beads chain. Blinds with a mechanism should open and close evenly after pulling the chain. Let’s check how they work?

  • The blinds with the continuous cord loop have the same definite shape & length. Some basic blinds with this functionality are Venetian or Roman blinds.
  • Start with pulling a side of the cord for lowering the blinds.
  • Check of pulling that side results in rising up the blind then you should stop there.
  • Start with pulling the other side of the blinds to lower the blinds and keep pulling until the blind reaches your desired position on the window.
  • After that, consider adjusting the slats of your blinds. Rotate the rods on the opposite side of the window.
  • Your blind will be completely closed & now you can enjoy the privacy.

3. How To Close Cordless Blinds?

The next level of blinds technology, cordless blinds. These are a bit easy to operate blinds. You can easily understand the functionality of these blinds. Just check it out!

  • There is a button bar, pull it down, to close the blinds.
  • Hold from the middle of the bottom bar and put it down gently. Keep pressing the button bar until the louvers reach the place where you want them to be.
  • In some types of cordless blinds, you need to latch on the bottom bar to let the louers down.
  • You can also tile the rod down and move the blind slats without wires.
  • On the off chance, if you have blinds with the rods, you can adjust the slats’ angle by using the bottom bar.
  • Remember, not all models of cordless blinds can operate this way.

4. How To Close Motorized Blinds?

How To Close Motorized Blinds

So, here comes the smartest blinds, that are very much easy to operate. Let’s see how?

  • As these are motorized and operate with the remote control, so you can close these blinds with remote control.
  • On the remote control of the blinds, you’ll see a down arrow button that means, pressing that button will close these blinds.
  • There are recent blinds available that you can operate with smartphone apps, smart home devices, and even with voice commands.

Final Thought!

Window blinds are an important element of a home because they give privacy and block out the sun, which can cause overheating. After reading this easy yet thorough article on What’s the best way to properly close window blinds? You should be able to close the blinds properly.

If you have any related ideas or tips and tricks then we would love to know in the comment section.

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