8 Creative Curtain Ideas For Bathrooms With Windows

Curtains are required to be installed in every space. There are a lot of styles & designs of curtains for different spaces, but there are few stylish curtains for bathrooms. The style and color of the curtains compliment the home decor, making it more elegant, classic, rustic, or vintage.

The curtains in bathrooms with windows not only provide privacy and filter light, but they also make a statement about the interior design of the bathroom. With the classy Curtain Ideas For Bathrooms design & decorative options, you can now have a variety of options to choose from. With the latest trends in the bathroom, curtains are available in a multitude of versatile designs, colors, sizes & styles.

We know how important it is to add attractive bathroom window curtains. That’s why we have listed one of the greatest bathroom curtain ideas I could come up with. Continue reading this article with keen interest!

Let’s Check Out Creative Bathroom Curtain Ideas For Bathrooms With Windows


Bathroom curtains can boost your privacy for a more comfortable bath time, depending on the color, style, and material. You may use curtains to make your bathroom look spacious, brighter or darker, and more elegant at the same time. If your bathroom has windows length high, you should take advantage of them.

So, without further waiting, here are some of the most inventive bathroom curtain designs. Look at these!

Bathroom Window Curtains

Bathroom Window Curtains

The balance of brightness and seclusion should be the first consideration when putting bathroom window curtains. Traditional curtains are fine, but there are various ways to spice up your personal time.

Because they’re easy to maintain, light, washable curtains are advised. The ideal window treatment for your bathroom is one that serves both as practical and aesthetic addition to your space. This can be done using a variety of covers, or curtains in your bathroom. Some examples are:

  • Frosting window
  • Shutter style
  • Classic shade

Small Cafe Curtains

Small bathroom windows aren’t as fashionable as they once were, and it’s tough to take advantage of natural light. However, with the correct drape, it may be camouflaged to appear larger and brighter, making your bathroom more attractive.

Cafe curtains may sound like jargon to some, but that’s what you call it when you hang a curtain halfway up the window to create a natural separating line. Its primary function is to provide light management and seclusion without completely blocking the light. It’s even more critical in bathrooms.

Bathroom Sheer Curtains

Bathroom Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are often thin and allow the most light to pass through, but they also provide less seclusion than other options. As a result, a darker tint is recommended for more privacy while yet maintaining a formal, classic appearance.

A window valance adds texture, color, and pattern to the top of your window while also serving as a cover for your window shade or curtain rods. Because high-quality valances can quickly go out of style, choosing a valance with only one or two characteristics is the key to keeping it looking good for a long time.

Shower Curtain with Matching Window Curtain

Matching your shower curtain to your bathroom window curtain is a creative method that will elevate the look of your bathroom. It demonstrates artistry. Moreover, it is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Ordinary curtains aren’t suitable for a shower window since dampness and wetness can penetrate deeply into the fibers. That’s why a waterproof shower window curtain made of vinyl that dries quickly is the best option.

Waterproof Window Curtain

Waterproof Window Curtain

The first thing to consider when installing bathroom curtains is the humidity. We know bathroom curtains have to go through a lot of moisture every day. For a neat, clean aesthetic, vinyl or waterproof roller blinds are ideal, as are vertical waterproof blinds for more light control.

If you want a waterproof window curtain in your bathroom, vinyl window curtains are a good choice because they dry quickly and do not decay or mildew. It’s also inexpensive and simple to set up, and cleaning it is a breeze. Here are other curtains options to choose from:

  • Blackout Curtains
  • Velvet Curtains
  • Cotton Curtains

Elegant Window Treatments 

Because a beautiful window may totally transform the look and feel of your bathroom, employing the proper window treatments can further improve it and make it look even more special.

Every bathroom requires privacy, which is a given, and knowing how to maximize your privacy would be really beneficial. They come with a variety of functions and pricing, but some of this equipment will help you boost the privacy in your bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Curtains

Modern Bathroom Curtains

A curtain that adds to the ambiance and elegance is essential for a more soothing experience. Simple yet elegant curtains are a terrific choice here since they allow you to manage the light and seclusion while also adding elegance to the space.

Black and white are commonly used in modern curtains because they combine well with practically any design and have a minimalist and classic appearance. Black curtains can block external light for a more soothing ambiance, while white curtains have a variety of patterns that can be easily searched.

Curtains Over Blinds

Blinds on their own can be dreary and uninteresting, but pairing drapes over them in the bathroom offers additional seclusion, elegance, and light control. It’s actually a lot easier than you think, and it may help you achieve the look and functionality you desire. You can add both curtains & blinds to make your windows look appealing & attractive.

In The End!

Like every other place in your bathroom needs to be decorated with classic & contemporary curtains. With the above-mentioned varieties of creative bathroom curtain ideas for the bathroom, you can choose any of the desired curtains for your space.

On the off chance if you are unable to find any of the blending bathroom window treatments then you can get help from professionals at Further, if you have any other queries then you can let us know, we’ll love your answer to all your queries!

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