How Long Should Curtains Be? Best Lenght For Curtains

How Long Should Curtains Be? Curtains may make a great difference when it comes to the decor of your bedroom. There are a plethora of styles, designs, and materials to choose from. The most important one is curtains, but the length of curtains Dubai for your bedroom can be different. This guide is about what is the best length for your bedroom curtains?

Curtains, like those in most other rooms, should reach all the way to the floor giving a perfect ambiance to the overall decor. Curtains in the bedroom should only be short when anything prevents them from reaching the floor. For instance, a bed’s headboard, furniture in front of the window, a decorative table there, or a radiator situated beneath a window.

So, what are the exceptions to this rule if the curtains reach the floor? Do long or short curtains alter the appearance of a room? Do all of the curtains have the same pattern? If you want to know about all these questions consider reading this article with keen interest. Go ahead to know!

Know More About The Best Length For Your Bedroom Curtains

Best Length For Your Bedroom Curtains

Longer curtains that reach the floor can be more difficult to keep clean. They can accumulate dirt and fur if you have pets. They’re also not ideal if you’ll be opening and closing your curtains frequently, since the extra length may cause problems. But if you want to keep your curtains closed then longer curtains can be the best choice.

When it comes to the length of your curtains, you want them to go far enough above the window to completely conceal them. If they’re hung too low. The top of the window may be seen, which will ruin the look of your windows. Your curtains should be long enough to hang not just correctly above your floor, but also completely above your window frame. Know what difference can longer curtains make to your room decor.

Longer Curtains Are Great At Creating an illusion

Longer Curtains Are Great At Creating an illusion

If you hang your curtains high enough above your frame, you can even give the illusion of a taller window. To make your window appear larger, hang a rod up to six inches above the window frame. However, be careful not to go too far with this; dangling a rod a foot and a half over your window will only seem strange and awkward.

The longer curtains will protect your windows. In fact, these curtains will not glide gently as you open and close them, but rather drag on the ground, forcing you to move them with your hands to close them properly. With one exception, the curtains must be long enough to reach almost the floor. If you have a radiator or another type of heating in the path, having your curtain down so low could be harmful.

Short Curtains Can Be A Good Option

Short Length Bedroom Curtains

As a result, you’ll need a little shorter curtain to allow the radiator to work. If your curtains are stretched over a radiator or heater, they may pose a fire threat, therefore make short curtains for bedrooms and other areas in your home.

A deep window sill might also make it difficult to hang a nice curtain. When your curtain is drawn, a large sill can cause it to flare out and seem weird. As a result, a window sill like this may necessitate a shorter curtain.

The Style Of Curtains Matters A lot For Length Estimation

Style Of Curtains Matters A lot For Length Estimation

Another option for curtain length is to go for a longer style. You can have drapes that break somewhat on the floor if you want something a little less formal and more comfortable. These drapes actually touch the ground, but just slightly.

You can use the drape to disguise uneven floors if you give it only one to three inches in length. This curtains curtain style can surely give your room an outstanding look, as the style of curtains matters a lot for the overall appearance of your room.

Know About The Standard Curtains Lengths

Standard Length Bedroom Curtains

There are a few rules to follow. These rules basically indicate that your curtains should start above the window frame and reach down to either your floor or the window’s sill. It should be just barely above the surface of the floor or sill.

The standard curtain panels are available in a number of lengths. They usually have a length of 63 to 144 inches. If you measure from the floor up, you’ll be able to determine the height at which you should hang your curtain rod in order to achieve an appropriate drape for your curtains. You’ll want to round up whatever number you obtain when you measure to give yourself that additional bit of room your curtains need to glide rather than drag.

Even if you want the curtains to glide, you still want them to make contact with the floor. Consider it in terms of fashion & add the curtains just a bit above the floor slightly touching the floor. Curtains that do not make contact with the floor appear odd and might be off-putting. They can also be somewhat longer and clump on the floor, but if the curtain floats above the surface, it is better for frequent opening and closing. In the end, it is your decision. Because it is something you will have to live with, it is critical that you enjoy it.

Discussion Wrap Up!

Curtain length is a personal preference that varies greatly depending on the room and its features. These guidelines can be used to determine normal curtain lengths. You can go with your personal choice and what suits your room decor.

Just make sure to get the blending & the best length for your bedroom curtains. The curtains must match with your overall decor and the length of the curtains should also look complementing to the decor. Long or short curtains, it is entirely your choice, decide what suits you best!

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