Best Motorized Curtains of New Year: Bestseller Curtains in 2023

With the multiple home decoration & upgrade assortments, the most important thing to consider is window dressings, your curtains.

You may have heard of motorized smart curtains or must be thinking of purchasing these motorized curtains for your home. But before you step out to make your purchase, you must know about the important considerations to choose the best motorized curtains of New Year 2022.

Essential Things To Consider Before You Choose The Best Motorized Curtains Of New Year

Classic Motorized Curtains In 2022

Motorized curtains are the best trending curtains nowadays and are on the top list of window dressings that are being purchased. These are the most integrated curtains that you can add to your home and upgrade your home with the smartest innovation. These curtains are available in a variety of functionalities and can be used in any window of your home.

It will be great for you to know that these curtains can be very much easy to use and maintain. What you have to do is to choose the best motorized curtains of New Year 2022 that meet all your needs. We are here to help you find the best of them by listing down some important factors to consider. Have a look!

Size & Weight Of Curtains & Quality Of Motor

Size & Weight Of Curtains & Quality Of Motor

These are factors that should be combinely considered for purchase. If you are choosing curtains with broader size and heavier weight, then it will directly impact the quality of the motor you are going to buy with them.

For lighter curtains, you can consider using curtains with medium motor type. So, before you make your purchase, you must consider whether you need heavier or lighter curtains and, most importantly, the size of curtains that would surely be according to the size of your windows. Consider going with the medium-sized curtains with a considerably efficient motor.

Power Source Of Motorized Curtains

Power Source Of Motorized Curtains

Generally, motorized curtains are powered with the battery, with plugs, wired or solar-powered. All these sources are best and offer a number of perks to the users. To choose the best motorized curtains Of New Year, select the one.

  1. Battery-powered motorized curtains are not too costly, as it doesn’t have to run with wires and switches. Moreover, a good battery can last for many years to come so you don’t have to worry about maintenance.
  2. Solar-powered batteries can also be used to function motorized curtains. Solar-powered motorized curtains are also very convenient to use. This helps you to save your home energy and operate your curtains with solar energy. If you find it comfortable, then you must consider it before you choose the best motorized curtains.
  3. Next comes a plug & play option. This is simple and easy to follow, allowing you to have a maintenance-free operation. You just need to plug in the switch and you are ready to move your curtains up or down.
  4. Last but not least, you can also have wired motorized curtains. These are actually hard to maintain as you need to take care of the wires but can be used conveniently with proper care.


Do you consider that the curtains you are using do make noise when you open or close them? If this is so, then smartness may bother you. There are a number of motorized curtains that are perfect to work silently and help you in upgrading your home to the next level.

Fabric Quality

Fabric Quality

For your motorized curtains, you must consider checking out the quality of curtains. As they have to open and close just with movement of cords & clips so you need to consider a high-quality fabric that can bear a considerable stretch ( if it happens to it).

A piece of durable & Reliable fabric can make the operation of curtains a lot easier and run smoothly on the curtain rail.

Installation Process: DIY Vs Professional 

Installation Of Motorized Curtains

Well, installation can be DIY, if you are experienced enough to hold the tools and follow proper techniques. Otherwise, it’ll be the biggest loss for you, you may ruin your curtains that may be irreparable.

So, the best way to consider is to look for your nearest professional who can install motorized curtains & choose the curtains that are easy to install. Most commonly, the curtains that are battery operated or can be operated with the smartphone apps are easy to install. You can even install them, too. Others, like wired or plug & play motorized curtains, are difficult to install.


Budget matters a lot. To choose the best motorized curtains Of New Year, you must set up your budget. Must consider how many windows you need to have these electrical curtains. Then sum up the final amount. Setting up your budget will make your decision easy about which type of motorized curtains you can have.


Smart Home Motorized Curtains

No matter which brand you are choosing to buy the curtains. Consider our advice to ask if they offer a warranty for their curtains. We are at offer warranty for our curtains and assist our consumer with the best after-sales services.

If any of the curtains are not working or the battery is making any issue, you can let them repair your curtain until the warranty period is not over.

Smart Home Integration

Before you make any purchases, develop a list of your objectives. If you wish to use a remote control or voice commands to operate your curtains, make sure you choose a suitable product. Timers, applications, and wall switches are all examples of this.

Determine which power source is compatible with your smart home setup. I’m hesitant to totally endorse any solar-powered motorized curtains, but if you’re ready to pay a little extra for a passive energy source, this could be worth considering.

Final Verdict!

So, to choose the best motorized curtains Of New Year, we have listed the key considerations that you need to follow. We hope that keeping all these points in mind will help you make the worthiest purchase and you’ll end up having the best curtains you ever wanted to.

Renovate your home with the best motorized curtains and upgrade your home with smart home integration!

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