Top Tips To Cat Proof Your Blinds

Cats and blinds have a long history of not getting along. And this is the thing that every cat owner knows. The window allows cats to see out into the environment, which is full of exciting stimuli like squirrels and birds, which they enjoy watching.

Cats enjoy playing with the wires and jumping between the slats of the Window blinds, frequently getting caught and destroying them. So, you can’t stop them from doing so, In fact, you can find ways to protect your blinds.

You can visit Select , to check out the varieties of best cat-proof blinds. We’ll provide you with the best blinds for your needs. Here we’ll write about the number of ways to cat-proof your blinds.

Keep Your Cords Out Of Reach

Keep Your Cords Out Of Reach

Blind cords are a great temptation for cats, especially kittens. These small kittens love to play with them since it’s a big piece of string & they can easily curl around it. The easiest method to cope with this problem is to tuck the cables or strings of the blinds high and out of reach & out of sight of the cats.

Blind attachments, such as a safety hook, might be installed to prevent the cats from playing with any dangling cables. Chewing or scratching blind cables can be a symptom of boredom and inactivity. Therefore this issue can be remedied by giving the cat its own play area or scratch post. You may also get toys that are meant to engage with your cat so that they do not feel bored.

  • Spray To Keep Cats Away

Many pet stores provide specialized spray that keeps cats away from areas you don’t want them to visit. The spray will give out an unpleasant odour to the cat. That helps in keeping it from approaching your blinds, don’t worry the odour will not be offensive to people.

If you want to protect your blinds from chewing simply spray the blinds at the fraying ends. And if you want to make spray at home you can make your own using peppermint citrus spray or essence.

  • Objects Should Be Placed On Your Windowsill

You may get rid of this problem in a number of ways. One of which is laying materials such as foil or plastic on the windowsill to make it unpleasant for the cat to sit there. Or you can also go for placing heavy decorations on the windowsill to prevent them from sitting there.

The latter may seem more appealing in your house. And make sure that the decorative ornaments are substantial and large enough that the cats cannot easily push them off or perch in between them.

  • Give Them Their Own Window

You’ll be able to maintain your other blinds working and aesthetically attractive by having a window dedicated entirely to the cat.

This may be as simple as installing a cordless blind in one window or simply keeping the blinds up and out of the way. This way the cats will not move to other windows of your home and your blinds will be safe.

  • Install Blinds That Are Cat-Friendly

The simplest method to avoid damaged blinds is to install cat-friendly blinds in your house. Vertical blinds are ideal for cat-friendly houses. These blinds have flexible slats that allow the cat to easily travel between the blinds without damaging them.

This also ensures they won’t be able to access the blind wires you’ve tucked away by climbing up the blinds. But don’t worry you’ll enjoy these perks without sacrificing elegance. Vertical blinds are stylish, long-lasting vertical blinds that complement any home’s décor.

  • Interior Blinds/ Shutters Are A Good Investment

Interior blinds/shutters are the most durable of window coverings, making them excellent for putting up with nosy cats. Cats, on the other hand, are less interested in inside shutters than in the window frame.

Consider using accordion-style blinds since cats enjoy sitting in windows. You may accommodate your feline charge by opening one panel.

  • Blinds That Are Not Traditional ( Alternate Blinds)

Blinds That Are Not Traditional

Consider installing a different style of blind if you need the blackout blinds down for privacy reasons. Blinds come in a wide range of materials and styles. Some types of blinds will be far more efficient at preventing your cat’s claws from slashing your windows.

Use vertical blinds instead of traditional horizontal metal blinds. Vertical blinds are less obstructive, allowing your cat to reach the window with less effort. Wooden blinds, on the other hand, are far more durable than metal blinds and provide much greater protection from clawing and biting.

In The End!

These are the most effective tips to cat-proof your blinds. You can follow them to keep your blinds safe, secure, and appealing and you can also make your cats feel good by making their own place to sit and enjoy the outside view.

We are a top seller of modern blinds and curtains in Dubai, Hope you find this article interesting and will definitely follow these tips. We would love to know in the comments if these tips work for you!

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