Silhouette Roller Blinds Dubai - An Everlasting Window Dressing

Silhouette window shadings are available with unique S-shaped vanes which beautifully diffuse the light into your room. These blinds effortlessly manage light and privacy at the same time when needed. When the vanes of Silhouette Roller Blinds are tilted, then these blinds let you protect your home from the views of the outside world.

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With our Silhouette Clear View Shadings, you can make your home’s specular surroundings more appealing. Let me tell you something more mesmerizing, without obstructing your view of the outdoors the fabric of these back sheer blinds diffuse light and provide UV protection. If you want to enjoy privacy and light at the same time, then these roller blinds are the perfect option to go. 

Silhouette Roller Blinds
Silhouette Roller Blinds

Manufacturing Details Of Silhouette Roller Blinds

Silhouette Roller Window Blinds are manufactured using the finest quality fabric materials. The fabric of these blinds is constructed with 75mm or 50mm fabric vanes. And the good thing is that Silhouette Roller Blinds provides you the freedom to create a variety of moods by choosing your desired thickness of vanes. 

If you want to let in more or less light and also want to enjoy the filtering out daylight then simply tilt the fabric vanes. These simply new ClearView fabric shades create beautiful and calming light effects and transform your home smoothly. 

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Technical Specification

Silhouette Roller Shades are available with 2″, 3″, or 4″ vanes to choose from according to your needs. You can operate these blinds using Motorized System, Cordless System, Click and Walk Away, Retractable Wand System, Continuous Loop Operation systems. 

Apart from this Silhouette Roller Blinds reduce the artificial lighting needs and provide you with natural light to come while providing Excellent Ultraviolet protection. The Widths of these blinds are 6″ to 144″ and height will be 12″ to 136″. Our silhouette blinds are available in different yet unique shapes like Arches, Angles, Trapezoids, Circles, Ovals, and rectangles.

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Silhouette Roller Blinds
Silhouette Roller Blinds

Provides You Room Darkening & UV Protection

These beautiful fabric blinds filter out the brightness and UV rays to protect your furniture from fading. These blinds can filter out 88% of the harmful sun’s rays. Apart from this, you can get daytime privacy even when the vanes are open because the fabric of Silhouette Roller Blinds obscures the view into your home.

Titles the vanes to your desired position in order to get the customized level of privacy. For greater control over incoming light, roller shades are nestled behind them. 

Our Products offers you best and luxurious collection of our products. Let’s have a look on them.

Silhouette Roller Blinds
Silhouette Roller Blinds
Silhouette Roller Blinds
Silhouette Roller Blinds
Silhouette Roller Blinds
Silhouette Roller Blinds
Silhouette Roller Blinds
Silhouette Roller Blinds

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Remarkable Features Of Silhouette Roller Blinds

Let’s jump to look at the aesthetically key features of Silhouette Roller shades;

  • The blinds increase the view of the outdoors. 
  • Come with Premium Design & Style. 
  • Provides you UV Protection against harmful radiations. 
  • Silhouette Roller Blinds Gives You Complete Privacy & Light Control. 
  • These blinds come with the Room Darkening features. 
  • You can operate these blinds using different operating system operations. 
Living-Room-Silhouette-Roller-Blinds Dubai

Dimensions Of Application

These blinds are very much flexible and adaptable so that you can use them on the windows present at different locations. They can be used at the windows in your homes, offices, and other commercial settings, like restaurants as well.

Silhouette Roller Blinds give you the best privacy & light so you can use them on the windows of bathrooms as well. We can also use them in different themes, making a perfect blend with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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No, you can not see through these blinds. Because anyone outside can see your shadow while blocking the source of light, but the shadow will not be a silhouette. It will not even be recognizable as the shape of a human.

Silhouette blinds have unique S-shaped vanes that float between two sheer panels to beautifully diffuse the light into your room and, when the vanes are tilted, these blinds let you block the outside world’s view into your home.

Yes, some Silhouette Roller Blinds are water-resistant, but it totally depends upon the material from which the company has manufactured them. But on the whole, these blinds are generally not waterproof.

Yes, the Silhouette Blinds are totally worth it as they are workhorses. They are the perfect solution for any type of light control, insulating effects, and give you the privacy that you want.

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