Durable & Waterproof Kitchen Roller Blinds Dubai

If you want to revamp your kitchen at an extremely low price, then why not start with the dressing of the window. We at Selectblinds.ae, present the Kitchen Roller Blinds Dubai with unique patterns and designs. As we know, women spend a lot of time in kitchens for different purposes such as preparing food, washing dishes and eating food. So the kitchen should give you a pleasant look whenever you see them.

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To elevate the look of your kitchen, buy our kitchen roller window blinds at an extremely low price range. These blinds are moisture-resistant and can withstand harsh conditions such as splashing of water, soap stains during washing the dishes. Our Kitchen Roller Blinds in Dubai are extremely durable and waterproof and come with fabulous designs and white colors

Durable Kitchen Roller Blinds

Construction & Backing Details

Using the finest quality of caliber materials kitchen roller window blinds are manufactured. Generally, during the creative crafting of these blinds, we use polyesters, vinyl, plastic, faux wood, and aluminum materials. Our company always tries to manufacture the most recent & unique designs of blinds. Apart from providing an adorable and appealing look to your kitchen, Kitchen Roller Blinds boost up the overall interior of the kitchen. 

These blinds are easy to operate and come with hundreds of colors and prints to choose from according to your kitchen decor. If your blinds are near a sink then go with our moisture-resistant and waterproof fabrics blinds. These blinds are functional as well as stylish in look.

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The Technical Specification

Let’s talk about the technical specification of kitchen roller window blinds. Apart from providing you the perfect light control and privacy, kitchen aluminum blinds are 25mm thick. With the help of a cord and wand, you can operate these roller blinds. The width of these blinds is 300mm and the height is 2700mm. 

The width of each slat is 25mm. Apart from height, width and thickness, let’s look at the rail dimensions of Kitchen Roller Blinds. 24m*26mm are the head and bottom rail dimensions and other options are also available including 22mm*10.8mm. The color of kitchen roller window blinds is bakes and powder coated.

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Modern Kitchen Roller Blinds
Modern Kitchen Roller Blinds

Modern Kitchen Roller Blinds To Dress Your Kitchen Windows

If you have invited your friends for dinner, and you have arranged a kitchen dinner then privacy is the key aspect on which you have to focus.

And we all know that blinds are a good option to go for an appealing look and privacy purpose. Our kitchen roller blinds are the best window dressers and provide you a suitable and stylish environment in your kitchens.

Our Products

Selectblinds.ae offers you best and luxurious collection of our products. Let’s have a look on them.

Modern Kitchen Roller Blinds Dubai
Modern Kitchen Roller Blinds in UAE
Modern Kitchen Roller Blinds In Dubai
Modern Kitchen Roller Blinds
Modern Kitchen Roller Blinds
Modern Kitchen Roller Blinds
Modern Kitchen Roller Blinds
Modern Kitchen Roller Blinds

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The Exceptional Features Of Kitchen Roller Blinds

We manufacture our blinds using the finest quality fabric materials and that is the reason our kitchen roller window blinds can give you a number of benefits besides the embellishment of your kitchen. Some of the advantages of Kitchen Roller Blinds are listed below:

  • These kitchen roll-up blinds in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are versatile in nature.
  • They are much more flexible for any type of window.
  • These blinds are insanely durable.
  • You can install these blinds on a tiny budget.
  • Gives you complete privacy.
  • They are easy to maintain.
  • These blinds are highly moisture resistant. 
Best Kitchen Roller Blinds in Dubai

Buy Brand New Kitchen Roller Blinds In Dubai

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home where we spend most of our time. So the place where you spend most of your time should be appealing and have a great look. We at Selectblinds.ae, present the brand new Kitchen Roller Blinds with fast fixing & installation services. 

Our expert team manufactures blinds using unique designs and patterns, which means all the designs are truly unique. When it comes to the size of the kitchen windows there is no need to worry, we also manufacture customized blinds in whatever size you want. Just let us the measurements of your window, we will manufacture them according to your desired size & style. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Yes, these blinds are a splendid choice for your kitchen. They provide you with complete privacy and perfect light control. These beautiful kitchen roller blinds also elevate the looks of your kitchen.

The primary purpose of kitchen blinds is to filter or completely block the sunlight that is coming from your window. These are the best solution to maintain your privacy with decorative and stylish kitchen blinds.

Yes, these kitchen window blinds are completely capable of blocking the sunlight from the windows of your kitchen. By closing the slats partially, you can also control the amount of light entering your kitchen.

You can clean your blinds by simply dusting or vacuuming them. They are very easy to clean and you can clean them completely with a single swipe of a soft cloth as well.

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