Stylish & Contemporary Grey Roller Blinds Dubai

The grey color has become a popular choice recently. If you are also the one who is looking to introduce the new trend in your interior then we suggest going with our Grey Roller Blinds Dubai. These color blinds become great window dressers. Here at, From light grey shades to dark grey shades, you will find the different stunning shades of grey blinds to choose from.

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These blinds provide a seamless appearance within all sorts of decor themes. Grey Roller Blinds in Dubai are best for commercial as well as residential areas in the UAE. Buy these simple yet stylish blinds online or simply book a free no-obligation home appointment today. 

Printed Grey Roller Blinds
Living Room Grey Roller Blinds

Creative Construction Details

The entirely beautiful grey color roller blinds are manufactured using 100% pure fabric materials including polyesters, vinyl, plastic, faux wood, and aluminum materials. The fabric of these blinds is 100% pure so this is the reason Grey Roller Blinds last long. Apart from the durability, these blinds boost up the overall interior.

Grey blinds come with hundreds of grey shades and prints to choose from. We manufacture these blinds using wholly organic dyes to give attractive and perfectly decor scenarios. Grey roller window blinds are deep and rich coloring roller blinds, manufactured to create a dramatic look to your existing place.

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Day and Night Grey Roller Blinds

Technical Specification Lineup

Let’s talk about the grey roller window blinds specification lineup. These blinds are manufactured using 100% polyester materials and can be customized according to your needs. The maximum width of grey blinds is 2,591mm and the minimum width is 300mm. 

When we talk about the drop length of Grey Roller Blinds Dubai then the maximum drop is 3000mm and the minimum drop is 300mm. But here’s the kicker, if the width and drop are greater than 1800mm then there’s a need to stitch or weld the blinds depending upon the fabric. For the top, side and facing fitting the universal brackets are available with rust-free aluminum roller tube.

Noteworthy Advantages Of Grey Roller Blinds

Our all-purpose roller grey blinds upgrade your lifestyle in a number of ways. When these blinds are keenly installed they give the home’s aesthetic and overall betterment. Apart from this Grey Roller Blinds also protects your windows from harsh sunlight, while keeping in mind privacy. Let’s jump to look at several other functional benefits.

  • These blinds provide you high-end privacy. 
  • They accomplish the whole interior’s look. 
  • They provide better air quality and temperature optimization.
  • They keep excessive noise at bay. 
  • These blinds come in versatile shades. 
  • Roller grey blinds become the durable yet stylish window dressing.
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Bedroom Grey Roller Blinds

Our Products offers you best and luxurious collection of our products. Let’s have a look on them.

Tile Grey Roller Blinds
Velvet Grey Roller Blinds
Alphabet Grey Roller Blinds
Blackout Grey Roller Blinds
Cordless Grey Roller Blinds
Dove Grey Roller Blinds
Durban Grey Roller Blinds
Sparkle Grey Roller Blinds

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Versatility Of Grey Roller Blinds

Grey roller window blinds are manufactured keeping in mind the style and quality at a surprisingly affordable price.

We have every type of roller window blinds, if you want your blinds to perfectly blend with your existing interior, then we suggest going with our plain grey blinds. But if you want to create a dramatic look to your place then go with our textured grey blinds. 

Motorized Grey Roller Blinds

Areas Of Application

We present the all-time classy collection of our grey blinds for windows, meant to benefit you a lot. Since these blinds feature the universal grey shading, giving off a presentable overall appearance, therefore, go perfectly well with all kinds of ornamentations.

You can install Grey Roller Blinds Dubai within nearly all spaces where you desire a more put-together look such as living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and other residential spaces. Most importantly these roller blinds Dubai appear highly attractive within commercial spaces as well as professional areas. Wherever you install, grey roller window blinds create an awe-inspiring look to your place. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Grey roller window blinds are still trending in 2021. There are different shades of grey that you can choose for your living room, study room, or bedroom for a more luxurious look. 

Grey blinds have that classic pattern that always remains in fashion. They provide a spacious look to areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, offices, and other such spaces.

A softer, durable, and beautiful look is served with the window covering of grey blinds, and when you pair the grey carpets with grey blinds, the resultant decor seems a lot nicer. 

Yes, the grey color blinds suit the interior as it is a neutral color. The lighter and darker shades of grey go perfectly well with a number of distinctive spaces. 

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