Blackout Roller Blinds Dubai - A Perfect Window Treatment

If you are looking for a cheap modern window treatment with complete light blocking features then here is a great option for you. We present Blackout Roller Blinds Dubai that is technically designed with thick opaque layered fabric which blocks the direct sunlight. As these blinds ensure the 100% blackout so mostly window manufacturers called these blinds dim out blinds.

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Here at, you will find the blinds which help you to gain 100% block daylight and give complete darkness to your rooms. Our blackout roller blinds block maximum sunlight, control room temperature, and reduced energy bills. While maintaining privacy, these blinds block out the natural light which directly enters your room. 

Blackout Roller Blinds
Silver Blackout Roller Blinds

Manufacturing Of Blackout Roller Blinds Dubai

Blackout roller window blinds are manufactured using 100% polyester fabric materials and these blinds can be installed everywhere. The fabric of these blinds is 280cm wide which is enough to cover a large window.

Our blackout roller blinds are light in weight, as the thickness of these roller blinds fabric is 0.52mm and weighs only 358 g/m2, which is pretty lightweight to operate manually. Roller blackout shades are hygienic because antibacterials are used during the manufacturing of these blinds. 

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Dark Blackout Roller Blinds

Working Mechanism Of Blackout Roller Blinds

The working mechanism of blackout roller shades depends on the components and fabric which is used. Substantially, the main accessories of these blinds are aluminum tubes, swindler, bracket, chain, bottom bar, and side-channel, U-channels or side guides are other accessories that are used for other purposes.

If we are installing Blackout Roller Blinds inside a window frame, by default you will see there’s a slight gap between the sidewall and fabric. If you need high-end privacy and accurate light control which comes from the edges, then we suggest using our side guides and channels for this purpose.

Notable Features Of Blackout Roller Shades

Besides the room darkening feature, these blinds have numerous qualities that are noticeable. Let’s jump to look at the admirable features of these blinds:

  • They block the surrounding unpleasant noise.
  • These blinds lower down your electricity consumption.
  • Create a totally dark environment for perfect sleep.
  • Blackout Roller Blinds block the street lights or lights coming from cars’ headlights.
  • Gives you complete privacy.
  • Exhibit perfect insulating qualities that aid in temperature control.
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Blackout Roller Blinds-Black

Our Products offers you best and luxurious collection of our products. Let’s have a look on them.

Mocha Brown Blackout Roller Blinds
Grey Blackout Roller Blinds
Printed Blackout Roller Blinds
Navy Blue Blackout Roller Blinds
Living Room Blackout Roller Blinds
Brown Blackout Roller Blinds
Bedroom Blackout Roller Blinds
Aqua Blackout Roller Blinds

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Areas Of Application Where You Can Install Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout roller shades are becoming popular window coverings because these blinds are suitable for every place. You can install our blackout window roller blinds at your desired place because of their functionality. Have a look at the most probable settings where people use them are as follows of roller blinds Dubai

  • You can install these blinds in your bedroom to block out the early morning light. 
  • In your offices, meeting rooms, or in the conference room where the projector is running. 
  • In your bathrooms for privacy purposes. 
  • You can install these blinds in closets as well. 
Blackout Roller Blinds Living Room

Get On-Time Installation Of Blackout Roller Blinds in Dubai

Here at we not only offer you the blackout shades for your homes but also have a professional team of staff available to install your blinds. Our skilled technical staff provides you efficient and on-time fixing and installation of Blackout Roller Blinds, after the installation they show you how to operate these blinds smoothly. 

And the good thing is that our professionals ensure that everything is fitted correctly before leaving your place. They double-check the installation of blinds. However, our professionals are always ready to help you, they just call away from you. We always provide zero obligation instant quotes for blinds to our dearest customers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If your question isn’t listed below, please contact our Customer

Good Blackout Roller Blind works with the foam-backed and opaque fabric that is specifically designed to block out 100% of the light from outside.

You can add a blackout lining to roller blinds as a blackout liner is a great addition for a night worker’s bedroom. At a really cheap price, you can add a liner to the roller shade at an incredibly low price range and you will enjoy the darkened room features.

No, it is impossible to see through the blackout roller blinds. Because the fabric used to manufacture them is too thick and backed with foam so you can not see across these blinds.

Blackout roller blinds do not allow the light from coming into your room and which in turn does not heat the environment of your room. So, these blinds can completely keep the heat out.

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